Melanie’s Naked News Audition

To date, the most notable Asian ladies who’ve made it as Naked Newscasters on the original ”program with nothing to hide,” have been Lily Kwan and Yukiko Kimura. However, that doesn’t mean they were the only two Toronto area (where the show is based) Asian ladies who’ve been willing to bare all while delivering the latest reports from around the world and around the country. There have been a few Asian hopefuls who just didn’t have what it takes to be an in-the-buff broadcaster, such as “Melanie” here.

In her above audition video from a few years back, you can see how Melanie, while certainly not appearing shy, awkwardly reads the “In Focus” spot on Pamela Anderson, in a moderate Chinese accent. Not surprising since, during the brief post-news-reading interview, she mentions she speaks Mandarin, Cantonese ..and French ….and English, which is obviously not her first, and maybe not even second, language. Even though she didn’t make the cut to become a professional nude newsreader, she’s not a bad dancer and she did achieve some success in other endeavors before the camera under a couple of her aliases.


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