Debra Lamb & Chris Charles
Debra Lamb with Chris Charles at the 2011 A Nightmare to Remember Film Festival in San Francisco

This site began in 2007 as sort of an archive for posts I’d contributed to other blogs and websites. The reason being was to have a place to find all of my posts in one place without having to search among others’ content. Beginning in 2011, I began writing content and conducting interviews exclusively for this site. None of the articles here were lifted from other sites. If you see an article elsewhere that is identical to one here, then it was either written by me for that site, shared by me at that site, or it was lifted by someone else from this site.

All of the interviews here are exclusive and were conducted personally and directly with the lady featured, either in person, by telephone, online chat, or e-mail. In all cases, it’s been verified I was communicating directly with the interviewee and not through an agent of hers. Scream Queen icon Debra Lamb (whom I’m pictured with at right and was one of the first ladies I interviewed exclusively for this site,) will attest to that.

Chris Charles
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: The views, opinions, and beliefs of the ladies interviewed or featured at Idol Features, expressed here or elsewhere, DO NOT NECESSARILY reflect those of the authors.

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