Leilene Ondrade Does Naked News

Former WWE Diva and reality show star was once a naked newscaster

Above is former WWE Diva “Alexis”/Flavor of Love‘s “Smiley,” Leilene Ondrade, in a circa 2007 bikini-clad interview she did with then-popular Naked News anchor Erica Stevens (real name; Zoe Thorn), who, true to the show’s tagline,  showed she had nothing to hide.

It’s strange that there is no reference or mention in this interview that Leilene herself is a former Naked News anchor, having appeared on the show from time to time during 2002-2004 under only her first name. Perhaps Miss Ondrade felt that she had moved on to the point that it wasn’t worth mentioning, even though she’s being interviewed in the studio where she used to deliver the news sans surname and sans clothing (as we see below) and by someone whom she may have crossed paths with during that time, as Erica/Zoe was with Naked News from 2004-2013.

Leilene’s 2002 Naked News debut. She’s introduced by anchor Devon
Calwell, whose brief stint on Naked News was from 2001-2002.


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