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Chris CharlesChris Charles – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Chris founded Idol Features in 2011. You’ll see articles here dated as far back as January 2007 but those pre-2011 posts were “transplanted” from other, now-defunct sites when Idol Features was still an unnamed “storage” site for articles he’d written for those sites. He’s since personally conducted dozens of interviews with ladies in various avenues of the entertainment industry, priding himself on doing his homework and not asking a lot of “generic” questions. In fact, some end up wondering; “how the hell did he know to ask me about that?” On the rare occasions his questions may go unanswered, he doesn’t let them go unseen. See Chris’ articles >>

Bob DeisBob Deis – Contributing Author

After retiring from 40 years of work in the realm of public policy and politics, Bob Deis now writes three blogs (,, and and co-edits the Men’s Adventure Library series of books published by New Texture ( Those books feature stories and artwork from his collection of more than 5,000 vintage men’s pulp adventure magazines. Bob lives near Key West with his beautiful wife, Barbara Jo, and their three dogs and five cats. See Bob’s articles >>

Arfon Jones – Contributing Author

Arfon is an artist/illustrator based in the United Kingdom. When not painting and producing work being publicly displayed in the United Kingdom, Europe, or the United States in books, comics, magazines, DVD’s, and posters, he becomes obsessive about obscure things that are retro, horror or sci-fi related and he writes blog posts about them. See Arfon’s articles >>

Betsy the BookwriterRock Baker – Syndicated Contributor

Rock is a pencil jockey by trade. He’s done work for AC Comics, Main Enterprises, and Moonstone, among others. Some of the strips he’s created include Dinosaur Girl (AC Comics, creator, writer, pencils), Crissy Carrots (Main, creator, writer, pencils), and Betsy the Bookwriter (Main, co-creator, writer, pencils). His specialty is cheesecake cartooning (what they call “good girl art” these days). See Rock’s articles >>

EyestraneEyestrane – Interview Archives Contributor

The now-defunct website featured many interviews with some very notable ladies. Since said interviews were too good to go unseen after the site was shut down in August of 2014, former Eyestrane editor-in-chief Tom Heckbert has graciously agreed to occasionally resurrects some from his archived files for republication here at Idol Features. Tom (a senior editor and post production supervisor at a Richmond, Virginia-based productions company) and his former staff at Eyestrane have deep respect for the talent and creativity of the people they interviewed for the site. See Eyestrane’s articles >>

Dawna Lee HeisingDawna Lee Heising – Occasional Contributor

Dawna is a working actress and the Vice President of Aki Aleong’s Mustard Seed Media Group. She is studying Acting at South Coast Repertory. Dawna won a best actress award for After School Massacre at the 2014 Mockfest Film Festival and won a 2013 EOTM award for Outstanding Television Talk Show Host for her television show Eye on Entertainment. See Dawna’s articles >>

Past Guest Contributors

Geo BrawnGeo Brawn IV

Born in the City of Angels (and Demons), California in 1975, Geo discovered his need for creative output. Graduating with a scholarship in illustration, he attended the Pasadena Art Center of Design, even further developing his style in the craft. Then following, he began developing ways on just how to bring his ideas and stories into a particular medium. Ways to bring his creations to life. Now, Geo has collected a series of those stories in comic book form. With his passion for horror and fantasy, the stories he can and will tell, are unbound as indie comic books and graphic novels done his way. In additions to his writings here, check out his website and his podcast show, Geo After Dark. See Geo’s articles >>

Clara Grace WalkerClara Grace Walker

Clara started writing early and knew her true calling as an author by age nine. The second-born of five daughters, she made her world debut in an army hospital somewhere in Texas. Raised in Michigan, she was both a rebel and a lady, as at home playing dress-up as she was climbing trees. And always with her nose in a book. Convinced reading kept her daughter out of trouble, Clara’s mother encouraged her reading. Mostly her mother was right about that, but oh, the stories Clara was busy imagining. You see, Clara’s mother never bothered to check on what, exactly, her daughter was reading. And Clara, well, she still giggles about that. Learn more on Clara at her official website. See Clara’s articles >>


Ladyaslan is the author of Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights and Lipstick & Absinthe. She’s also an indie radio show host of her music segment “Dark Delights,” where she interviews musicians, bands, models, and anyone in the arts, horror, and beyond. See Ladyaslan’s articles >>


Vaalee SupreetVaalee Supreet

Vaalee Supreet is a journalist from India who has been writing about Bollywood for the last five years. He now writes for various websites and mostly covers independent American films, their casts, and crew. Other online publications he writes for are:,,, and See Vaalee’s article >>

Doug PhillipsDoug Phillips

Doug is a retired medical technologist and computer analyst. He now works as an indie screenwriter and filmmaker. See Doug’s article >>



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