Tiffany Apan

Tiffany Apan

A multifaceted lady, Pennsylvania native Tiffany Apan began her affair with music and theater at an early age and has since built up quite an impressive resume. To drop a couple of names; her first dance teacher was Gene Kelly’s

Mitsu Dan Throwing First Pitch

More Pretty Pitchers

 With professional baseball everywhere approaching the playoffs, and as a long-overdue follow-up to this article, here’s a look at some recent (and viral) first pitches thrown by some lovely ladies chosen to do the honors at MLB (United States),

Singers and Musicians


Adrea Simmons, known professionally as Dre’a, has been singing since she was five years old, taking after her mother, a professional singer whom Dre’a tells me fronted for the band Blues ‘N’ More for 12 years. During that time, she