(Okay, maybe all not “frequently” asked, but all these questions have been asked more than once.)

Who are some of the ladies you’ve featured here? Anyone I’d know?
You’d recognize the names, depending on who and what you’re a fan of. All of the articles here feature noteworthy ladies. Too see all those who’ve been interviewed exclusively for this site, and whose interviews are featured here, click here.

Are all the ladies you interview/feature in the entertainment industry?
Most, but certainly not all. Among the non-showbiz ladies we’ve featured here, there have been athletes, authors, sportswriters, news anchors, and those who just have interesting occupations.

Do you pay these ladies for interviews or do they pay you to be featured here?
No to both. It’s quid pro quo. The ladies and their projects get positive, well-presented exposure and promotion, and they help somebody here get one step closer to becoming more famous than Joe Bob Briggs.

How do you conduct your interviews?
By telephone, Skype, online chat, through e-mail, or, when possible, in person. It’s the ladies’ choice. If the interview is conducted through e-mail, we ask for photographic verification from the interviewee, so we are certain it’s actually her (and not an agent, manager, etc.) responding to the e-mails.

I’m a (model, actress, dancer, photographer, author, whatever) and I’d like to be featured here. How can I go about it?
Just click on the “Contact” tab, drop us a line with your information, and we’ll go from there.

Can you send me your interview questions in advance (in the case of a telephone, Skype, live chat, or even in person, interview)?
Yes, that’s no problem.

Is there a due date/deadline to get my interview replies back to you? (In the case of an e-mail interview.)
There is no set deadline to get your replies back, but the sooner, the better. We feel that getting your replies back to us within two weeks is very reasonable. If it will take longer for you to get your replies back to us, then a quick e-mail or message stating so will be greatly appreciated.

I know someone/have a client I’d like to see featured here. Would you check her out?
Yes, of course. If you think she’d like to be featured here and doesn’t want to make the first move or she’s unaware of this site, contact us and send us her e-mail address or a link to her blog, website, or social media page and we’ll send her a message. We do not conduct interviews through third parties (such as agents, publicists, etc.), but if you’re her representative, you can either give one of us her contact information and we will promptly contact her, or give her our contact information and have her to get in touch with us and we will promptly respond. However, if she doesn’t respond after we do get in touch with her, we’ll assume she’s not interested and drop it. We don’t hound anyone for interviews or to be featured here.

I’m a author/filmmaker. Would you review a book/film of mine if I sent it to you?
We have reviewed books, films, and even music, but this isn’t a review site, per se. If you’re a female author or filmmaker, we’d be happy to read/watch your work and possibly do a feature or interview with you. If you’re a male filmmaker and have a film with someone in it whom you’d like to bring to our attention for a possible feature or interview (which would also bring attention to your film), then we’d be happy to view your film and consider the actress(es) in it for an interview or feature.

Will you promote/support my fundraising campaign for my project?
We don’t endorse or directly link to fundraising campaigns. However, they can be mentioned in interviews and articles here, which can include links to your websites, social media pages, etc., where fans can find links to said campaigns.

What is your reach and who is your audience?
It’s the almighty Internet, so this site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere with unblocked access. We get views from all over the world. The vast majority come from the United States and Canada, but our stats show that we also get a significant percentage of views coming from countries in Asia, Europe, and Australia, as well as a lesser percentage from South America and Africa.

Are you interested in having guest and/or contributing authors?
YES, always. If you write fitting material and are interested in seeing it published at Idol Features, read all you need to know about it here, and then contact us.

I have an article to contribute that focuses on ladies, but it also includes some men. Is that okay?
Not for this site. The article would have to be edited to exclude the men in order for it to be published here.

What is your most popular article?
Of all the 861 interviews and articles at the site, this one has received the most views. Go figure.

Will you remove my interview/article from your site (for any reason whatsoever)?
No. All the best to you in your newly chosen career/life, but there is nothing slanderous or ill-gotten about any of the content we publish here nor is there any sensitive or private information revealed about anyone featured here. We do not remove any content unless it would be because of legal and/or copyright issues. In that event, the copyright claimant would need to contact us directly. You can read our Privacy Policy here and learn about “The Streisand Effect” if you aren’t already aware of what that is.