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  • Mavis Usher

    Model Mavis Usher first graced our pages last August in a special behind-the-scenes feature with candid photos from her June 2018 shoot with renowned pinup photographer Mike James.

  • Deanna Rashell

    Born in the San Francisco Bay Area and now calling Atlanta home, actress and producer Deanna Rashell has filled just about every on-camera role there is. She’s also the CEO of Outlook Productions, the company she founded in 2008.

  • Bunny Stewart

    Actress and makeup artist Bunny Stewart is a prime example of talent from California’s capitol. Born and raised in the Midwest, Bunny now calls Sacramento home and she has the look and vivaciousness of a proverbial “California girl.”

  • Krystal Akin Stevenson

    Like many actresses who gravitate toward horror, Krystal Akin Stevenson grew up watching horror films. She  cites being a fan of the show USA Up All Night and watching it every weekend as a kid, as fueling her passion for horror.

Most Recent Articles

  • Shalene Prasad

    As the year and decade draw to a close, and as has been our custom here at Idol Features since 2013, here’s a collection of ladies who have graced our pages in the past, decked out in their Christmas attire.

  • X League

    “In the age of female empowerment in sports, the Extreme Football League (or ‘X League’) is set to kickoff April 2020. The X League will also be established as the highest echelon of women’s tackle football.”

  • Batwoman

    BATWOMAN is a masked wrestler and crime-fighter of the Santo mold. Her adventure places her at odds with a mad scientist who can grow his own gill-men! Seldom have I seen a picture so wonderfully wild and crammed with 60s pop.

  • Camilla More as Tina

    Not to be confused with the Tina who was killed in 1985’s Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, this Tina, played by actress Camilla More, met her maker in 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (which wasn’t the final).

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