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  • Sherrie Prose

    One would never guess Sherrie Prose didn’t start acting until the summer of 2017. Before then, she was a high school Spanish teacher, a job she retired from after 25 years. She now has her sights set on a film career that is well underway.

  • Geovonna Casanova

    Actress and singer Geovonna Casanova is making quite a name for herself in indie horror, and although she doesn’t aspire to being a “Scream Queen,” she says she would not shy away from being dubbed one.

  • Interviews

    While working as a showgirl in Havana in 1958 during the Cuban Revolution, the iconic pinup model was interviewed and photographed for an article in LIFE magazine about Havana’s casinos.

  • Helene Udy

    With an acting career that spans four decades, and includes films, TV shows, and theater, actress Helene Udy could definitely be considered an actresses’ actress who has earned praise and respect from her peers.

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Atsuko Miura

Zero Woman


The main character of the “Zero Woman” series is Special Undercover Agent Rei, who works for “Section Zero” of the Tokyo Police Department. The role has been played by 10 different actresses over the years, the first of whom being 70s pink film queen Miki Sugimoto.

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