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Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin

Asian Bond Girls


Bond Girls are in a very elite class and not every actress who’s appeared in a James Bond film meets the criteria for being dubbed a Bond Girl. To date, there have been only three Asian ladies who are considered to be in that class, and here they are.

Derrick Doll

The Last of the Derrick Dolls


In 1996, when the city of Nashville, Tennessee was courting the then-Houston Oilers to move to Music City (and become the now-Tennessee Titans), some of the Oilers Cheerleaders, the “Derrick Dolls,” made this promotional appearance at the Nashville City Fairgrounds.

Deborah Dutch

Deborah Dutch


There is no industry-established criteria for earning Scream Queen status, but if there were, Deborah Dutch, who’s one of the premiere Scream Queens in the industry, would well exceed whatever the standard were set.

Jessica Felice

Jessica Felice


Jessica Felice began her acting career on the stage, doing dinner theater, as well as touring to do children’s theater and summer stock. Besides acting on the stage, she’s also performed as an illusionist and escape artist.

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