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  • Chaste

    The Cinematics Production team contacted Idol Features to bring to our attention their upcoming film and its cast that includes some of the best indie film actresses in the Twin Cities, 13 of whom have been assembled for this interview.

  • Leslie Lanier

    Actress and filmmaker Leslie Lanier started Luna Soleil Studios, just last year and considering that her company works on what she says is no budget, Luna Soleil has been doing well, having completed several short films, so far.

  • Yna Alba

    Recently, Yna Alba has turned her focus back toward cheesecake modeling and has been hitting the gym more frequently. I got in touch with Yna to ask why the change of style, not that it’s a bad thing at all.

  • LEX

    Alexa Feiner, known professionally as “LEX,” grew up in a musical family. She began playing the piano as a child and wrote songs with her brother and father. Singing came a little later, when she realized her vocal talent in high school.

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Jang Ja-yeon

Korean Female Celebs’ “Lasts”


A selection of last commercials, performances, shoots, and messages from some of the Korean female entertainers who took their own lives within the last several years. Actress Jung Da-bin signed her last autograph with the words “be happy.”

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