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  • Fraulein Gretta
    Fictional Characters

    The idea is simple enough, that of a number of comic cheesecake updates of classic fairy tales hosted by the daughter of Mother Goose, one Gretta Goose. It’s proven rather more difficult to assemble than I imagined, though. Still, it’s close to being drawn. Here’s a look.

  • Runaways, Circa 1975
    Singers and Musicians

    The all-female band the Runaways were originally a power trio comprised of (left to right in the above photo) Micki (Michael) Steele on bass, Sandy West on drums, and Joan Jett on guitar. Micki also handled a good share the lead vocals.

  • Actresses

    Google Shirley Kilpatrick and you’ll see she had some cool pop culture connections, but you won’t learn about those in what Wildcat Adventures wrote for her photo spread.

  • Jenna Graham, Patty Juergens, and Alison Costello
    Unique Occupations

    Known as home to many hi-tech companies, the San Francisco Bay Area city of Mountain View now has another distinction to be very proud of. Their city’s (probably the country’s and maybe the world’s) first all-female fire crew.

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