Most Recent Interviews

  • Jenna

    Jenna Marie has been modeling for 17 years, but she has just recently joined a class of models know as the “James Girls,” an elite group of ladies who have posed before esteemed, and very selective, pinup photographer Mike James’ lens.

  • Gwendolyn Eve Hill

    This interview with fetish model Gwendolyn Eve Hill was conducted back in March 2012 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Tom.

  • Ditha De Rablo

    The last time artist Ditha De Rablo was featured here was exactly four years ago. Even though the pandemic was a setback for her, Ditha made the best of that “down time” to continue creating and developing her skills as an artist.

  • Violet Eyes

    This interview with alternative model Violet Eyes was conducted back in March 2012 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Tom.

Most Recent Articles

  • Kay Pike as Harley Quinn

    What you are seeing here is not 3D animation. It’s Canadian body painter extraordinaire Kay Pike modeling her own artwork. To see more of Kay’s work, visit her for links to pretty much everywhere she can be found on the net.

  • Singers and Musicians

    As it falls in the month of October, this is a very special Friday the 13th. So, on this rare occurrence, we are featuring arguably the best-known personality to portray one of Jason’s victims, who was one of the most deserving of his wrath.

  • Short Films

    The Car leaves you with many unanswered questions, like; “so how long has she owned this car and has it ever shown any carnivorous tendencies before, or was that a first?”

  • Merlynda Sol
    Short Films

    The 2019 horror short Smiling Woman is one of those short films that made me say after I had watched it; “Huh? That’s it? Did I miss something I was supposed to understand about the smiling woman?”

Featured Gems from the Archives

Duyen - Houston Texans

Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL


The 2010 rosters of all the 25 NFL cheerleading squads (7 teams don’t have cheerleaders), were searched to find the Asian ladies among them. Here they are and, if you’re seeing this article for the first time, all these ladies are now former cheerleaders.

Jasi Lanier

James Girls POPULAR 


Renowned pinup artist and photographer Mike James’ camera has been capturing out-of-this-world sexy models over 20 years. Often in costumes he creates himself, the ladies’ poses and themes range from the outrageous to the fairly mundane.

Andreea Boyer

Andreea Boyer


Born in Romania near the Bran Castle (more popularly known as Dracula’s Castle), Andreea Boyer has had the desire to write and act from an early age. She had three books of her poetry collections published when she was only 15.

Nicole Kruex

Nicole Kruex


Minnesota native Nicole Kruex began performing on stage in elementary school, after she was able to break away from Nintendo long enough to discover her love for acting. She already had a love for horror as well.

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