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  • Slashlorette Party

    Described as “the classic 80s slasher film that never existed,” Slashlorette Party is the latest from A & P Productions. Featuring a cast of lovely actresses from Northern California, it stemmed from a trailer for a fictitious slasher film.

  • Artists/Designers

    Tanja Jokanovic Trager resumed her art career just last year, and despite being back in the art world for such a short time, she has already had exhibits in prestigious galleries in Europe, Asia, and the US.

  • Squeaky Springs

    Squeaky Springs is the founder of the Denver, Colorado-based burlesque troupe Punk Rock Burlesque, who will be celebrating their 5th anniversary on the 3rd of next month at Denver’s Marquis Theater.

  • Imaj
    Singers and Musicians

    Country singer-songwriter Imaj was labeled a “Millennial to Watch” in 2017 by Dallas Weekly. The Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Artist uses her music to spread world peace.

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Maria Ozawa as Kekko Kamen

Kekko Kamen


Kekko Kamen battles the evil forces at the “Spartan Institute of Higher Education,” run by principal “Toenail of Satan,” who takes sadistic delight in dishing out humiliating punishments to the female students, particularly pretty Mayumi Takahashi.

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