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  • Judith Rabl

    Romanian artist Judith Rabl knew early on she had to express herself to others in her own way. Now living in Germany, Judith works in the healthcare field, but her passion is painting, to which she dedicates all her free time.

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    This interview with adult entertainer Mistress Persephone was conducted back in December 2011 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Tom.

  • Sherrie Prose

    One would never guess Sherrie Prose didn’t start acting until the summer of 2017. Before then, she was a high school Spanish teacher, a job she retired from after 25 years. She now has her sights set on a film career that is well underway.

  • Geovonna Casanova

    Actress and singer Geovonna Casanova is making quite a name for herself in indie horror, and although she doesn’t aspire to being a “Scream Queen,” she says she would not shy away from being dubbed one.

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Mussum as Kuchisake-onna



The Japanese urban legend of the scissor-wielding “Slit-Mouth Woman” was believed to be real in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture in 1979. Reports of sightings were given such merit, local police increased patrols and parents were cautioned not to let their children go out alone.

Korean Narrator Models

Korean Narrator Models


Called “doumi,” in Korea (Korean word for “helper”), these ladies have been a common sight on city sidewalks and in stores of South Korea since the early 1990s, dancing to pulsating music while promoting grand openings, special events, or sales.

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