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  • Artists/Designers

    Primarily a concept artist, Natasha Novy grew up watching cartoons and quickly developed a love for comics. She later discovered manga, which she has since embraced and her style reflects it.

  • Lauryn Green

    Lauryn Green has done pretty much all there is to do in filmmaking behind the camera, from writing and editing to sound. She made he directorial debut recently with JED, produced by her company, Outlandish Productions.

  • Vikki Beretta

    San Jose, California-based model, singer, and actress Vikki Beretta says her main pursuit is now music and acting, even though she still holds her passion for modeling and definitely hasn’t put it on hold.

  • Laura Giglio

    Laura Giglio has appeared in over 200 B-horror films, beginning with 1994’s Sorority Slaughter. She’s been strangled, stabbed, and drowned on screen throughout her career and has always embraced being a Scream Queen.

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  • Sweet Raven
    Fictional Characters

    The character Sweet Raven, known to some as Raven Honeywell, was born on a US Air Force Base. She is the most powerful thing ever conceived. She is more powerful than any man or woman on Earth.

  • Shalene Prasad

    As the year and decade draw to a close, and as has been our custom here at Idol Features since 2013, here’s a collection of ladies who have graced our pages in the past, decked out in their Christmas attire.

  • X League

    “In the age of female empowerment in sports, the Extreme Football League (or ‘X League’) is set to kickoff April 2020. The X League will also be established as the highest echelon of women’s tackle football.”

  • Batwoman

    BATWOMAN is a masked wrestler and crime-fighter of the Santo mold. Her adventure places her at odds with a mad scientist who can grow his own gill-men! Seldom have I seen a picture so wonderfully wild and crammed with 60s pop.

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