Idol Features was founded in 2011 and has been steadily growing ever since. (You’ll see articles on this site dated as far back as January 2007 but the pre-2011 posts were “transplanted” here from other, now-defunct sites when this domain was still an unnamed “storage” site.) Our traffic now includes several hundred unique hits a day and our fanbase is always growing. We’ve established a good reputation around the independent film industry, as well as among the ladies we’ve featured and interviewed.

Who/What we’re looking for: The best way for us to answer these questions is to tell you to simply browse the site and check out the interviews and articles. If you write similar stuff; that’s what we’re looking for. If you conduct similar interviews, that’s what we’re looking for. If you’re good at it (and you must be); you’re who we’re looking for. It goes without saying we only publish articles and interviews that feature ladies only. No exceptions to that rule.

How often you’ll be expected to post: Ideally; once every couple of weeks. At the very least; once every couple of months.

Compensation: We do not pay directly for contributions at this time BUT in addition to the exposure you and your articles will receive, you will be allowed to display a banner link to your website or from an affiliate program (such as Amazon Associates) you belong to, in a prominent location on the home page, as well as on your post pages.

Perks: As an Idol Features contributor, you can expect invites to conventions, indie film festivals, and events with VIP and backstage access, as well as advanced copies of DVD movies, books, music CDs, and various promotional materials.

If you’ve read the above and are still interested in applying, contact us here.