Naked News’ Isabella Rossini Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Even though doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is not quite as much of an ordeal for a naked newscaster of the Toronto-based Naked News show (as she doesn’t have to worry about having to change out of her wet clothes afterwards), I’m sure fans are glad Isabella Rossini stepped up to the challenge and got drenched for the cause.

The “official” rules for the Ice Bucket Challenge seem to vary, but generally, when challenged, that person has 24 hours to comply by either dumping a (generally, but not necessarily) five-gallon bucket of (should be) ice cold water, with or without (should be with) ice over their heads, along with a small monetary donation to ALS research OR skip the water and make a larger donation. However, some challenges allow those to take the water over the head in lieu of any donation, which has brought on criticism that the challenge has become more of a spectacle rather that a true movement to raise awareness for the disease.

Since Isabella probably doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothes, I’d say it can be safely assumed that she was able and generous enough to spare something for the cause, as well. In fact, she even endured the cold water a second time in a SFW version that can be shared at the more restrictive websites. For those who would (for whatever odd reason) like to see the SFW version of Isabella’s dousing, it’s available here.


    • I don’t know about the Mafia, but I saw at Naked News’ website, she’s not listed with the rest of the former anchors and there doesn’t seem to be any photos of her, which leads me to believe she didn’t part company with NN on amicable terms. I asked a source at NN about why Isabella left and that person said they couldn’t comment on it.

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