The Ladies of Die Die Delta Pi

Sean Donohue’s indie slasher, Die Die Delta Pi, was probably shot a couple of years earlier than its year of release, judging by the looks of a couple of the actresses in the film. It’s not bad for a film of its type with a modest budget, but that’s mainly because of its female cast.

Cristin Azure
Hooters Girls

Cristin Azure PODCAST 

Cristin Azure is best-known by fans of The Walking Dead as a featured “walker” on the third and fourth seasons of the hit AMC show. Playing walkers have been among her more visually unglamourous roles, but still challenging and noteworthy, nonetheless.

Short Films


The reason the name of the person playing the killer in this sexy and lurid short, is not included at the beginning of the film (nor on the film’s official posters) is also the reason I’d have to write SPOILER ALERT before including that person’s name here.