The Ladies of Die Die Delta Pi

Sweethearts of the sorority slasher

Sean Donohue’s 2013 indie slasher, Die Die Delta Pi, was probably shot a couple of years earlier than its year of release, judging by the looks of a couple of the actresses in the film. It’s not bad for a film of its type with a modest budget, but that’s mainly because of its female cast. The story opens in 1986, when several sisters of the Delta Pi sorority house at the fictional Sun State University in Tampa, Florida, as well as their boyfriends, fell victim to a killer who was never caught or identified. Needless to say, the deaths were all bloody and when Delta Pi re-opens its Sun State chapter in the present day, the killings continue.

The following are the ladies who appear only in the opening scenes of the film (before the opening credits even roll), where it’s set in 1986. The ladies who appear in the film once it’s set in the present day, may be featured here in a follow-up piece.

Kelly Novinski (left) has two brief scenes early in the film; one as a living, and somewhat anti-authoritarian, sorority sister making out with her boyfriend, and the second as a dead sorority sister. Now a realtor in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, Kelly’s IMDb page shows just four film roles to her credit. It’s probably a safe bet that she’s opted for the more lucrative career in real estate and won’t be further pursuing acting, at least not as a full-time profession. Shade Burnett (right) plays Delta Pi house mother Katherine Jordan. Shade is the most experienced actress in the cast, with over two dozen credits over the last decade.

Roxy Vandiver, who’s one of the better-known names in indie horror this film has to offer, graces the screen in a glorious full-frontal nude scene early in the film. She plays Tina, a sorority sister with an attitude, in the film’s opening 1986 flashback segment. Girls with prominent tattoos back then were a rarer sight than they are today, but I suppose Roxy’s tats weren’t covered up because they fit with her character. At right is Roxy in a behind-the-scenes shot. Roxy’s 2011 interview with yours truly, seems to have become one of Idol Features‘ sort of “hidden” gems.

Rue Goregrinder (credited in this one under her real name, Ruthie Garcia), and Kali Dunning play Delta Pi sorority sisters Veronica and Betty (respectively and assumingly because of their hair colors and I suspect if their characters had boyfriends, they’d probably be named Archie and Reggie). They’re in the bathroom when the totally naked Roxy/Tina makes her entrance and brings her attitude along with her. Both Ruthie and Kali have just one other film credit at their IMDb pages.

Another of the better-known names in indie horror in this film, is Bianca Allaine, who’s credited in this one by her former moniker; Bianca Barnett (even though it incorrectly states at IMDb she’s credited as “Bianca Allaine Kyne”). She appears only early in the film’s 1986 segment, as the younger Donna Parker. Oddly, Bianca’s name appears at the very end of the cast credits and in smaller type than the rest of the names. Bianca’s one of the few ladies who’s been interviewed more than once for Idol Features. The latest, which was published here on February 2nd of this year, was primarily to promote her upcoming film Zombinatrix, which has earned her a lot of attention and is much-anticipated by the indie horror community, since its announcement in July of 2015.

Tara Tritsch and Heather Stacey play 1986 Delta Pi sorority girls Allison Murray and Katie Caplan (respectively), complete with florescent makeup and “Valley girl” lingo. Tara has just one other credit at her IMDb and may have quit acting. Heather’s IMDb shows several more indie films she’s done, before and after this one, but nothing within the last two years.

Olivia Blake (left) plays Marissa Chambers, the shy nerdy girl who doesn’t fit in with her Delta Pi sisters, but was accepted into the sorority because she’s a legacy. Marissa was the victim of a cruel hazing prank at the Delta Pi traditional bonfire ceremony in 1986, that resulted in her being terribly burned. This may have been Olivia’s only feature-length film as everything else listed at her IMDb page is either a short or a segment. Krystal Pixie Adams (right, whose character is listed in the credits as “Delta Pi recruit”) has a brief solo scene, and adds a little more T&A to the mix, as a Delta Pi pledge getting ready to go to the bonfire ceremony. According to her IMDb page, this was one of Krystal’s earliest roles. Some more titles she has since added to her Scream Queen resume are House Guest Massacre, Amerikan Holokaust, and Death-Scort Service.

The film’s poster and the mock-up VHS box by Sadist Art Designs.

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