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Actress and singer Elissa Dowling obviously has a way with her bird, Loo, and a look down her long list of film credits will show she also has a way with horror filmmakers. Some of the more colorful titles Elissa’s been in, include The Legend of Bloody Mary, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre, Orgy of Blood, and A Night of Nightmares, for which she also sang the soundtrack’s title song. More recently, she appeared in Joe Hollow’s Disciples, which has a cast like a who’s who of Scream Queens.

Fans can meet and greet Elissa at the frequent appearances she makes at some of the top horror conventions and events in the US, such as ScareLARapture Horror Expo, and Days of the Dead, where in 2012, she was seen devouring the Texas Chainsaw Massacre cake (right). In the meantime, more of Elissa can be seen at her IMDb page, her official website, and you can catch her Twitter. Also, you’ll be able to read an exclusive interview with her at this site in the near future.*

*11-12-14 Author’s Addendum: Or maybe only half of it.


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