2014 Christmas Compilation

With Christmas around the corner, here are a selection of some of the lovely and talented ladies whose interviews and featured articles have graced the pages of this site, decked out in the spirit of the season. Starting it off is actress and talk show hostess Michelle Tomlinson who could have, but did not bake that pie herself. A big thanks to all the ladies here, especially to the ones who took the time and effort to take a photo exclusively for this feature. Happy Holidays!

Click on their names to go to the article they were most recently featured in.

This year’s unique Christmas contribution comes from model Dahlia Derriere, who is wearing a Krampus t-shirt and holding a Krampus statuette. Krampus, who’s known by many names around the world, is the “Christmas devil,” and the dark companion of St. Nicholas. While St. Nick rewards good children with presents on Christmas day, Krampus relishes his task of punishing the naughty ones. To learn just about everything else about “Black Peter” (one of the names he’s known by), from his origins to modern-day events honoring him, see his official website.


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