Shannon McDonough

On St. Patrick’s Day, it’s couldn’t be more fitting than to feature a beautiful Irish lass who’s dressed for the occasion, and actress Shannon McDonough definitely fits the bill.

Despite appearing in mainly horror films, such as It Came from Another World!, Terror From Beneath the Earth, Attack of the Moon Zombies, and The Giant Spider, the Minnesota native’s favorite film genre is romance, both dramas and comedies. She’s said of doing horror films; “I didn’t think I’d like horror at first, but it’s kind of fun getting all bloody and dirty.” As of this writing, Shannon has just completed her work on Jarrod Crooks’ Dispatched, which is currently in post production and slated to be released later this year.

Also a talented singer and DJ, Shannon has performed at many hot spots in and around her native Minneapolis. You can look forward to an interview with Shannon at this site in the near future, in which she’ll confirm she’s a gourmet cook, a former Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl, and an avid Doctor Who fan.



Astride a classic BMW, from one of the many retro photo shoots Shannon does

On stage last month at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis

Gracing the lobby card for Christopher R. Mihm’s The Giant Spider, which is a throwback to the “giant bug” drive-in flicks of the 1950s. See more of Shannon (who, by the way, isn’t very fond of spiders) at her Facebook fan page and her IMDb page.


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