Margarethe von Stern in The Day of the Purple Sun

The Day of the Purple Sun
(Der Tag der Violetten Sonne) from Quite Village Film is not a movie for everyone’s taste, nor is it the type of film I usually review. The film’s synopsis reads; “The cosmos of the incurable Margarethe. Her journey through the mysteries of the Egypt [sic] underworld. Will she be coming forth by day?” I assume that question is rhetorical, but at an hour and eight minutes long, this film will leave you with plenty of questions.

The central character in this film is a lady with terminal brain cancer (hence “the incurable” in the synopsis), who explores the Egyptian underworld. I suspected as much, but reading DanXIII’s review of this film at Horror Fuel (who got a much better grasp on this than yours truly did) confirmed it. There’s no dialog, monologue, or even narration throughout the film. Miss von Stern is nude throughout most of her journeys and I’m not sure what the close-ups of her vagina are supposed to be symbolic of, but that, like most of the other scenes in this film, is probably up to the viewers’ interpretation. Sean Leonard at gives some good insight.

There is something about the film’s sole actress, Margarethe von Stern, who is also the co-writer, that’s worthy of a double take. If you’re intrigued, the film in its entirety is available at Quite Village Film’s official site. See more of Margarethe and learn more about her other projects at her IMDb page and at  her official website.

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