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Editor’s Foreword – Actress, screenwriter, and director Andreea Boyer celebrated the release of her feature film directorial debut, Julia 17, just last year. Besides directing and overseeing the production, Andreea also starred in the film, which has since gone on to win several awards from some prestigious international film festivals. Earlier this year, Andreea utilized the time between the release and promotion of Julia 17 and the beginning of her next film project, to write and publish two books featuring her unique poetic works. Andreea’s style could be considered free verse with a Haiku influence. Her thoughts run deep, as do her sometimes cryptic metaphors, throughout her writings. What follows are Andreea’s presentations of her two poetic collections, in her own words.

StarSTAR – I wanted to have the tone of this lyrical journal “simple and imperial.” I am a young actress, screenwriter, director, and filmmaker from Germany, sometimes innocent, sometimes rebellious, but always creative. This book came into my mind spontaneously, during the moment of breath between the release of my feature film Julia 17 and my next film project. I would love it if STAR penetrates your souls and awakens the creative beings in each one of you. STAR is my personal lyrical poetry book where I express my own experiences and feelings that I had during my time with my ex-boyfriend from Los Angeles and later on, when I traveled again to the States, I had a boyfriend in New York.

I am an “open book” person, but usually I don’t open up on the Internet about my life and this time I thought I should combine my writings and my experiences and transform those into new poetry since writing poetry is one of my favorite activities in my free time. I love to explore my own sentimental levels during my writing. With it, I can reflect the past and I can understand the mistakes and also learn from it and develop my own perception of realizing who is good for me and who isn’t, so that I become more selective, not only in my daily decisions, but also in with who I want to surround myself. Through my writing and reflecting during meditation, I am getting an additional new perspective.

I am very grateful and it is a huge honor for me to have published in my poetry book, STAR, the two significant reviews from two most respectful and important personalities; Mr. Mark L. Lester, American film director, author, and producer from Los Angeles, wrote:

STAR is the firm message of a young woman who does not endlessly accept counterfeiting. Stylistically, the idea prevails, the substance is enunciated without the excess of metaphors… a metaphysical thrill.

And from Mr. N. J. Burkett, American journalist and TV correspondent from New York, who wrote the following review:

Love and distance. These are just two of the themes in STAR, Andreea Boyer’s haunting and provocative collection of poems. Ms. Boyer’s work explores the space between two people, both literally and metaphorically.

Reading some chosen poems from STAR

Humanoid or Human?Humanoid or Human?

The poetry from Andreea Boyer is remarkable for its conciseness through a finely controlled emotional involvement. The authoress expresses her own fears, but also her own revelations with passion and with sense for fine analytical observations. The burning of the effects radiates and spreads like a dense flame with a bright whisper. A humanist message and a bitter compassion overcome most of the time directly and convincingly from the speech of non-disfiguration of the soul.

This is how the literary consultant and my mother, who is a long time writer and Artist herself, Joana Geier, has described my poetry book Humanoid or Human? and I can totally identify myself and my own writing in her review, which I have added as a longer version at the beginning as the introduction in my book. With this poetry book, I am imagining the future of us humans among the humanoids, which are robots in human shape, who will probably have the functions to imitate us and maybe even the rights which we humans have.

Scientists and also our own curiosity might develop in the near future; a new era of perfectly multifunctional android (robot in man-looking casing) and gynoid (robot in woman-looking casing), which correspond with our wishes and desires as those aspects of us humans always seek for perfection. An illusionary perfection which doesn’t exist, so we tend to build a soulless and heartless perfect creature that we can dominate. But what If the humanoids will be one day so perfectly developed that we humans will be forced to obey them? Why do we always confidently believe that we have the power? What If our weakness, the seekness for perfection for our desires and needs will give us side effects as the result for our illogical dissatisfaction? We have the potential already here in this dimension. Many highly intellectual and talented humans are always waiting for new opportunities. Why should we give those opportunities to humanoids? Maybe this question will be answered by the humanoids themselves in the near future when humanoids will have the same rights as we do. So my question to all of you is: “Humanoid or Human?”

Also for this poetry book, I am indeed proud and it is my great honor to have two important reviews from two famous personalities published. Mr. N. J. Burkett, an American journalist and TV correspondent from New York, wrote following review:

Can we know what it means to be human by examining what is not human?… In her latest collection of poems, Andreea Boyer uses a contrast between humans and humanoids to achieve an awareness of our own, unique characteristics.

Mexican actor and writer Mr. Ricardo Chavez wrote:

This is not a regular work of poetry, it is a book that’s made me wonder about not only our humanity and fragility but also about the blessing that it is to be human in this evolutionary stage.

Reading some chosen poems from Humanoid or Human?

Both STAR and Humanoid or Human? are available at Amazon on paperback and Kindle. Andreea’s 2017 feature film, Julia 17, is available on Amazon Prime. Andreea’s earlier works are also available on paperback.


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