Michael Myers’ Victim, Alice Martin

With the Halloween season in full swing and some major cable channels running horror movie marathons, it’s a sure thing that the films of the Halloween franchise will be among those being shown ….in their edited versions, of course.

While watching the original Halloween II for the umpteenth time, it reinforced my contention that it is the Halloween film with the hottest female victims. Of course, this is just a matter of opinion and in this writer’s opinion, the hottest of those victims whom serial killer Michael Myers slayed, was the lovely Alice Martin, played by Anne Bruner.

Alice’s killing occurred early in the 1981 sequel, that picked up right where the first film left off. In the above clip we see Alice was home alone, talking to her girlfriend Sally on the phone, when she was informed of the murders that happened a little earlier that evening, just down the street from her house. After hearing a noise, she dropped the phone to go see what it was and ….well, you know. I guess up until that night, the residents of Haddonfield, Illinois didn’t find it necessary to lock their doors.

Anne Bruner
Anne Bruner as the ill-fated Alice Martin

Halloween Movie Wikia paints a pretty clear picture of Alice, but a couple of things don’t jibe. The site states her parents were Dave and Barbara Martin, but in the scene, you can clearly see the initials “B & N” are prominently displayed on the living room wall. Also, her entry at HMW gives her date of burial at Haddonfield’s Mt. Sinclair Cemetery (Judith Myers’ disturbed resting place) as November 4th, 1978 but elsewhere at the site, it lists her burial date as November the 6th.

As for Anne, she seems to have dropped clean off the radar after her last acting credit in 1985 and now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

October 2018 Author’s Addendum: Since this article was published, there have been sightings of fairly recent photos and articles including Anne on the net. Her inclusion at BroadwayWorld.com currently lists three articles she’s in, however the one dated Feb 14, 2017, mentions an Anne Bruner Nash, who is a California attorney and definitely not this Ann Bruner. Also, this Facebook account may legitimately be Anne’s, but it seems like she rarely visits it.



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  1. Thanks in part to your article, Sandy Johnson came out of hiding and has appeared at horror conventions. Maybe the same can happen with Anne.

  2. I feel that the two hottest girls in the ENTIRE Halloween series were Anne Bruner who played “Alice” in Halloween 2, and Ellie Kemper who played “Rachel” in Halloween 4 & 5. Nancy Kyes who played “Annie” in the ORIGINAL, was a close third.

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