Cerina Vincent and Annika Marks in Skypemare

John Fitzpatrick’s 2013 horror short Skypemare, has won several awards at major film festivals and earned very favorable reviews from horror critics. Even though the two main characters are chatting through Skype, a modern social medium, the film follows a simple, straightforward premise that has always been a winning formula for so many classic slasher movies of the late-70s to mid-80s: Girls home alone at night (and in this case, it’s Halloween, no less), TV newscaster reporting on an escaped maniac loose in the area, etc. However, this story takes a different turn at the end and serves as an example of what can be the unfortunate consequence of a very well-played prank.

Skypemare stars the lovely Cerina Vincent (who played Areola, the naked foreign exchange student from Not Another Teen Movie) as Alison, the victim of the Halloween night prank, perpetrated by her friend Jenna, played by the also lovely Annika Marks. The film pays homage (intentionally or not) to an early scene in Halloween II, in that the basic premise is similar and Alison bears a resemblance to that scene’s victim, Alice Martin (played in that film by Anne Bruner, who’s now residing in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file). As for Cerina and Annika, it’s possible that one or both of the ladies may be featured here in an exclusive interview sometime next year.



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  1. Wasn't expecting that ending. Despite the absence of a psycho killer, it does remind me of that scene from Halloween 2 now that you mention it.

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