Scarlet von Harlet

One half of the darling duo known as the Cave Girls

Scarlet von Harlet is best known as one half of the “Cave Girls,” who appear on the Saturday late night horror flick show Creepy KOFY Movie Time on KOFY TV, San Francisco. She and her fellow Cave Girl, Sasa Leung, are sort of the cheering section for the show’s hosts (Balrok and No Name), and much more. In addition to lending the show some eye candy and showing off her go-go moves to some great retro surf and rockabilly music (provided by house band, The Deadlies), during intermissions, Scarlet gets involved with such things as answering viewer questions, demonstration how to use Shake Weights as a distraction, and sampling unique cuisine.

After briefly meeting Scarlet last year at Miss Misery’s Nightmare to Remember film festival, I made a note to later contact her about a feature here. I did, she graciously accepted and this is it. However, I actually didn’t interview Scarlet, per se, but rather the lovely young lady behind the Scarlet persona, who willingly stepped out of character for our chat. (Sort of like Batgirl agreeing to talk to me as Barbara Gordon.) Still, out of respect for her privacy, I’m using her stage name here. Oh, and I give Scarlet very high marks for her punctuality.

CHRIS CHARLES: Thanks for taking time to do this. Of course, viewers of Channel 20’s Creepy KOFY Movie Time in San Francisco, know you as Scarlet von Harlet.
SCARLET VON HARLET: No problem, Chris. Thanks for talking with me today.
CHRIS: So Scarlet’s mild(er)-mannered alter ego is actually a marketing manager at KOFY?
SCARLET: Well, I don’t work directly for the station but I do many marketing campaigns and events for the show. I actually work in LA in web/video development
CHRIS: So you come up to San Francisco to tape the show on Saturdays?
SCARLET: I do. We tape about once a month and know out anywhere from 3-4 episodes at a time. It’s nice because my move to LA was fairly recent, so I get to see all my friends when I come up.
CHRIS: Ah, I didn’t know that. And how did you become a “Cave Girl”?
SCARLET: Actually through Sasa (Leung, Scarlet’s co-Cave Girl). They had a few girls on before I joined, who weren’t working out. Sasa knew someone who knew someone and they thought her and I would be perfect for it. When we started, we only thought it would be for one show, but then everything just clicked!
CHRIS: So you and Sasa have a really good chemistry together?
SCARLET: We do! As soon as we met, we became instant friends and got really close. It’s great getting to work with your best friend!
CHRIS: I was told she’s shy. That was why she didn’t reply to my message about an interview
SCARLET: Awe! (Laughs) So am I (but) I’ll have to yell at her for that! (laughs)
The Cave Girls
Candid shot of The Cave Girls on the set of Creepy KOFY Movie Time
CHRIS: Haha, maybe you can put in a good word for me later.
SCARLET: Definitely.
CHRIS: Unfortunately, I don’t get KOFY where I live, so I only catch the show online or when I’m down in the City. I’ve never heard the Cave Girls talk. Do you and Sasa ever have lines?
SCARLET: Not very often. Occasionally we’ll do a segment where we’ll answer viewer questions though. We talk a lot on set, but I don’t think the producer wants to get in trouble with the censors so they never mic us.
CHRIS: (Laughing) You mean you two have dirty mouths?
SCARLET: And as the show goes on and the beer gets lower, we get worse!
CHRIS: (Still laughing) I see. What’s been the wildest thing you’ve done on the show?
SCARLET: Hmm ….that’s a tough one. The Twister segment and the shake weight segments were pretty crazy. There have been a lot of things I WON’T do though. Like the time the Bellini Puke Show came on and tried to get us to eat pickled pig’s feet mixed with sardines. I run when I see them coming!
CHRIS: But you did the Shake Weight segment?
SCARLET: Yes, No Name bought a Shake Weight and was really into it for a while. There is an episode where I am pretty much using it the whole time. It’s actually pretty tiring!
CHRIS: Yes, Debra Lamb uses that too and that’s what she said. Anyway, since mostly campy B-horror movies are shown on Creepy KOFY Movie Time, is horror your favorite genre?
Scarlet von Harlet
In character on the CKMT set
SCARLET: I like comedy and sci-fi the most, but who doesn’t love campy horror movies? I prefer them to the ones that come out today. I like suspenseful movies more than gore, so that could have something to do with it.
CHRIS: I first met you last June at (our mutual friend) Miss Misery’s Nightmare to Remember Film Festival. Will you be at this year’s?
SCARLET: I believe that one is in September? Things are pretty up in the air right now.
CHRIS: What other events have you attended?
SCARLET: We’ve been to WonderCon and Big Wow ComicFest last year, as well as many of the San Jose Toy Shows, Hubba Hubba Revue and some events at the Bal Theatre in San Leandro. We’ll be back at WonderCon this year.
CHRIS: You and Sasa always attend as a pair?
SCARLET: Yes, although Sasa may be doing some more appearances on her own since I can’t make it back up to the Bay Area every weekend.
CHRIS: I understand you’re originally from Tennessee?
SCARLET: I actually grew up in Virginia but I moved to Nashville as soon as I turned 18.
CHRIS: Anything you miss about back east that you can’t get in the west?
SCARLET: Snow! We never got a lot of it back home but I do miss it. Perhaps because I don’t have to shovel it! It’s nice to have beach weather all year round but I really do miss seeing the seasons change.
CHRIS: You also lived in Texas for a while?
SCARLET: I did. I lived in Austin. It’s such a fun town. I’m hoping to go back for a visit soon.
CHRIS: When did you first start modeling?
Scarlet von Harlet
One of Scarlet’s retro pin-up looks from a shoot with Holly West
SCARLET: I started modeling when I was about 14 but it didn’t last very long since I’m short, about 5’4. I just kind of left it alone until about a year and a half ago when I met and shot with Holly West who is an incredible photographer. She really inspired me to get back into it and I’m glad I did.
CHRIS: In a lot of your shoots, you have that retro 50s and 60s pin-up look. Do you have any influences from that era?
SCARLET: Absolutely. I grew up on rockabilly music. My dad listened to all the Sun recording, so I was exposed to those artists very early on. He was also a big fan of the crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, as well as garage rock bands in the 60s so I have been heavily influenced by the music from those eras.
CHRIS: The Deadlies also play a lot of the music from that era and I see you’re quite a good go-go dancer. Ever had any kind of formal dance training?
SCARLET: A little. And I mean very little! I did a lot of musical theater growing up but I am much more of a singer than a dancer.
CHRIS: Are you a Rocky Horror Show fan?
SCARLET: Yes! It’s so much fun. Horror and theater. What’s not to love?
CHRIS: I see in some photos you look tattoo-free but in others I see you’re obviously not. How many tattoos do you have?
SCARLET: I have four tattoos; one on my chest, one on my left wrist and one on each arm.
CHRIS: Are they ever covered with makeup for certain photo shoots?
SCARLET: No, I had one photographer edit them out, but I’ve had some of them longer than when I got back into modeling so the tattoos win.
CHRIS: I know you don’t do nudity and you clearly state that at your modeling profiles but despite that, do you still get offers for nude or semi-nude shoots?
SCARLET: All the time. Mainly from people I’ve never shot with. It gets tiring.
CHRIS: What are your hobbies?
SCARLET: I like to play the guitar and sew. I had to give up my sewing machine a few years ago but I’m getting back into it.
CHRIS: Do you make any of your own outfits?
SCARLET: Sometimes, but not as often as I like. I’m hoping to change that though!
CHRIS: Are you often recognized as Scarlet when you go out as your everyday self?
SCARLET: When I’m in the Bay Area, I get recognized a lot, especially when Sasa and I go out together, but not as much down in LA.
CHRIS: Well thanks for giving me this exclusive look at the girl behind Scarlet. Any screams, plugs, or shout-outs to anyone?
SCARLET: I’d love to give a shout to all of my Creepy KOFY cast and crew as well as all the fans! I can’t begin to tell you how much you all mean to me! Thanks again, Chris! (Scarlet off mic: Phew! I always get nervous in interviews.)

From Bella Morte magazine’s “Sweethearts” edition

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Photo by Edson Carlos for

Creepy Kofy Movie Time segment “60 Seconds of Horniness” featuring Scarlet
dancing with her fellow Cavegirl Sasa Leung, who will also be making an
appearance at this site in the very near future

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Big thanks to Reyna Young of Last Doorway Productions and the upcoming Days of Terror Sacramento Horror Convention.


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