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From kickboxing to fashion design, the lady's a badass

Abigaile (Aby) Rulloda (pronounced like her Facebook user name; “Rule Yoda”) is hard to place in an single category, which is why I entered her under several here. She’s a successful model, go-go dancer, ring girl, fashion designer, and competitive kickboxer who happens to be the current WCSC (World Combat Sports Challenge) Super Flyweight Champion.

Wanting to learn a little more about Aby firsthand, I contacted her through her website about an interview and, needless to say, was very pleased that she agreed and took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions. Well, all except for how she got her nickname of “Bad Aby.”





CHRIS CHARLES: First off, thanks for giving me this little exclusive interview, Aby.
ABY RULLODA: Thanks to you for having me!
CHRIS: I know you currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Were you born and raised there?
ABY: I was actually born in the Philippines, but arrived in the Bay Area when I was nine years old, so the SF Bay Area is where I call home.
CHRIS: What’s your ethnic background?
ABY: Full Filipina.
CHRIS: So, how did you get the moniker “Bad Aby”?
ABY: That’s always the first question that people ask me… and I always answer… wouldn’t you like to know? Sooo …. wouldn’t you like to know?
CHRIS: (Laughs) Well, yes I would but we’ll move on. I know besides modeling you’re also a go-go dancer, fashion designer, ring girl, and competitive kickboxer who’s the current WCSC Super Flyweight Champion. Which is your number one passion and how did you first get started in it?
ABY: Trying to choose one is difficult… that’s why I do them all. I love them all like I’d love all my children, but right now at this time in my life, fashion design is my main focus because I really want to establish my career in fashion. Everything else is a passion but has an expiration date on it.
CHRIS: I can certainly understand that. So, what are your hobbies and other interests?
ABY: Well, everything that is listed above are all my hobbies. I love to work out, running in particular. I LOVE to dance, all kinds of dance.. it’s such a release for me. I love to travel, I wish I could travel somewhere new every month.
CHRIS: I see your modeling shoots cover a wide variety of themes. Do you have a favorite?
Bad Aby
Showing her pole dancing skills at an Asian Diva Girls erotic dance class. Aby participated in this one with her twin (yes, twin) sister April, who currently lives in Tokyo.
ABY: I don’t have a favorite. I feel like there’s still more styles I haven’t tried. but I love shoots that reveal my personality as opposed to my body. I like action shoots, or shoots with humor.
CHRIS: Any particularly memorable shoots or locations?
ABY: I really LOOVED shooting in Hawaii …I was practically just prancing around on the beach having the time of my life!
CHRIS: Eventually, would you like to branch out from modeling to other forms of show biz?
ABY: I really want to go into more film projects or be more of an on-camera host or character. I will only do music videos that have acting roles in them, not just half naked dancing roles.
CHRIS: Do you have any upcoming projects or anything currently in the works?
ABY: I’m working very hard on the launch of my own lingerie and bikini line. You can keep an eye on it at BadAbyDesigns.com
CHRIS: I definitely will. In closing, you know I’ll be sharing your feature at Asian Sirens. Have you ever heard of that site before and is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?
ABY: I haven’t heard of Asian Sirens before ….don’t be mad (smiles). I just want to thank ALL my fans and friends that keep me going ….and of course, thank you Chris!

This and above: Modeling two of her own creations from Bad Aby Designs

At the 2009 WCSC Ring Girl/Spokesmodel contest

Before a match at San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium (Photo by Jeff Spirer)

In action against Lindsay Marino (Photo by Jeff Spirer)

Aby with the WCSC Super Flyweight Belt

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