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Interview with the "shy" Cave Girl of Creepy KOFY Movie Time

Sooner or later, I was going to interview the other Cave Girl from Creepy KOFY Movie Time, so I decided to make it sooner. The very next interview, in fact. Winnie Leung, known professionally and henceforth here as Sasa Leung, is the other half of the foxy duo of horror host supporters that San Francisco viewers can enjoy seeing Saturday nights at 11:00 PM on KOFY Channel 20 (and I hope you guys at KOFY are appreciating all the plugs!)

I first met Sasa the same time I met her co-Cave Girl Scarlet, which was last year at Reyna Young’s Nightmare to Remember film festival. Despite her outward appearance, she seemed a little shy, which was something I was also told by a few of her friends, and that may have been the reason she didn’t reply to my first request for an interview. However, seeing her colleague featured here seemed to be what it took to prompt Sasa to spend some time with me and talk about her travels, the history of the Cave Girls, and the upcoming launch of their new business venture.

CHRIS CHARLES: I’m glad you finally replied to my interview request, Sasa.
SASA LEUNG: Of course!
CHRIS: A few people have told me you’re shy. Is that true?
SASA: You know …I’ve been hearing that all my life, but I don’t think I am shy at all. You just have to get to know me to get to know my crazy side.
CHRIS: I guess that’s just their perception.
SASA: Fans of Creepy KOFY Movie Time that are my Facebook fans actually always tells me how funny I am (laughs).
CHRIS: So, were you born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area?
SASA: I was born in Boston. I then moved to Hong Kong, then Singapore, New York, and back to Hong Kong, and finally settled in San Francisco. To make a long story short, I went to three different schools in the first grade in three different countries. When I moved to California, I spoke British English and everyone made fun of me.
CHRIS: Wow. Did you move around so much because of your father’s job?
SASA: Yeah, pretty much. He was a writer. Actually, he was first an actor at the Shaw Brother’s movie studio then he became a controller and made it really big as a TV show producer in Asia. Then he became a CEO of a tech company. His skill is very versatile. I think he is a genius.
CHRIS: Besides English, what languages do you speak?
SASA: I speak Cantonese and Mandarin, a bit of “Engrish.” I have a lot of Latina friends so would say I also speak a bit of “Spangirsh.”
CHRIS: When did you first start modeling?
I started when I was around 20. Kind of a late, but it was something that I’ve wanted to peruse since I was younger, but I guess I was a bit shy.
CHRIS: How did you become a Cave Girl?
SASA: A friend of mine who is an affiliate of the show asked me to go on as a guest. I guess some girls that were on before me and Scarlet didn’t work out. At first, I thought it was a one-time thing, but I guess the viewers really liked us and we pretty much became characters on the show.
CHRIS: I thought you were one of the originals?
SASA: Actually, we are the original Cave Girls. CKMT had other girls on the show before us, but they are not characters and didn’t last too long. So, actually, we are the only Cave Girls.
CHRIS: Ahh, I see. I thought you were paired with a few other girls before Scarlet, but they didn’t work out.
SASA: No, Scarlet and I started together. They had other parings of girls before us.
CHRIS: I see. So, do you know why the girls before you and Scarlet didn’t work out?
SASA: They were not as awesome as us? (Laughs)
CHRIS: Okay, well ’nuff said about that, then.
SASA: (Still laughing) I am sure they were cool.
CHRIS: Yeah, probably just not the right chemistry. So, you and Scarlet hit it off instantly?
SASA: It was love at first sight.
CHRIS: Hmmm ….I’m sure readers would love to hear more details but would you just like to leave it at that?
SASA: In a nutshell, we met on a movie set, saw each other the same night at a punk show in Berkeley, hung out all night and have been inseparable ever since. We then started working on CKMT shortly after that and now we are business partners. We are launching our own makeup line in May.
CHRIS: Oh, cool! Does your company have a name yet?
Sasa Leung
One of Sasa’s first photo shoots at age 20
SASA: Yeah, it’s Drama Queen Cosmetics.
CHRIS: Great name. So, being on CKMT, I’m assuming that horror is your favorite movie genre?
SASA: I love horror and comedy.
CHRIS: What e some of your favorite films?
SASA: I love the American version of The Ring, The Thing, Clueless, Mean Girls, Predator ….the list goes on. I love horror, but if by “my favorite” as in something I can watch everyday for the rest of my life, it’s going to be comedy.
CHRIS: As far as music goes, I assume you like the retro sounds that the Deadlies play. What else do you listen to?
SASA: I love everything from Punk, Psychobilly, Rockabilly to some pop.
CHRIS: (After having to admit that “Psychobilly” was a new one on me) I see you and Scarlet go-go dance on the show. Ever had any formal dance training?
SASA: I was trained as a classical ballet dancer, and I also dabbled in Tahitian and jazz.
CHRIS: Like Scarlet, you don’t do nude modeling either. Also like her, do you still get requests to do nudes, despite that?
SASA: Yeah. I do, but I pretty much draw the line up front. I guess I am kind of a prude (laughs).
CHRIS: Have you ever done any acting?
SASA: I’ve been in a few music videos and was in November Fire’s short. I think I am better at standing and laughing than acting.
CHRIS: So, do you feel that Sasa the “Cave Girl” is a character you play and you go back to being Winnie after the show?
SASA: Sasa is more like an alter ego. I mean, that is me on the show, but there are so many more layers to me in real life.
CHRIS: Oh, did you know there’s a Hong Kong actress named Winnie Leung?
SASA: I heard, but have never seen her in any movies.
CHRIS: I wrote an article about the female cast of a movie she was in called The Vampire Who Admires Me. (October, 2009)
SASA: How cool! I will check it out.
CHRIS: So, what are your hobbies?
SASA: I love making crafts, painting, drawing, cooking and doing hair and makeup. I just started gardening but it’s not working out because I hate worms. Ewwwww! I hate them! But I hate bees more!
CHRIS: Haha! Well, Sasa, now you don’t have to envy Scarlet for having the pleasure of being interviewed by me. Any plugs, announcements or shout-outs to anyone?
SASA: I want to announce that I had White Castle and ramen for lunch and now I hate myself. Oh yeah, I love my doggies; Lulu, Mr. Boy, Chachito, and my newest member, Mrs. Bity, my cat.


The Cave Girls
The Cave Girls in action



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    • Scarlet is in LA being low key with her dog while playing music. I’m still in the Bay Area. I’m now in Alameda with my husband, 3-year-old daughter, and animals. We are all grown up. 🙂

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