Ryleigh Black

A model paranormal investigator

Standing six feet tall and looking as she does, it should go without saying that Ryleigh Black can’t exist without being a photographer’s dream. Although she is a model, first and foremost, she’s a paranormal investigator who founded Black Cross Paranormal in 2008.

A Chiricahua Native American from southern Arizona, who now calls Providence, Rhode Island home, Ryleigh is also an empath, but didn’t realize until her late teens that she wasn’t crazy and there were others who shared that ability. For skeptics (such as myself) or those who may think paranormal investigators are charlatans; while that may be true of a few in the field, Ryleigh conducts her investigations and operates Black Cross Paranormal with a high level of integrity and professionalism. She’s not wrapped up in the hype that can go with her line of work and has even helped clients with issues that turned out not to be brought on by paranormal occurrences.

As we spoke, Ryleigh had just thrown her annual “House of Black” party the previous weekend, and was recovering from an ailment that will unfortunately keep her out of circulation on Halloween, much to her disappointment, and surely the disappointment of others in Providence. Ryleigh tells me she’s known as the “Ghost Lady” by local kids, and her house is a very popular stop for area trick-or-treaters. So popular, that parents actually bring kids there by the van loads and police crowd control has been required for the last few Halloweens.

October 29, 2015 interview with Ryleigh Black

Other topics covered in our interview were Ryleigh’s Wiccan practices, why she has a penchant for waterfalls, and her background acting gigs. In fact, you can catch her in the upcoming Ghostbusters remake. (Look for her in the “rock and roll” scene and I’m sure she won’t be hard to miss.) Above photo of Ryleigh in her Halloween costume for this year, courtesy or Ryleigh, herself. All following photos courtesy of Stephen Black.

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