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Model, escape artist, and actress of many voices

Jessica Felice began her acting career on the stage, doing dinner theater, as well as touring to do children’s theater and summer stock. Besides acting on the stage, she also performed as an illusionist and escape artist, both solo and alongside one of the most acclaimed illusionists in the country. One of her highlighted feats was escaping from a straitjacket, an item she still has as one of her prized show biz souvenirs.

Jessica’s first film role was in Steve Yeager’s The Rosens, in which she played the challenging role of Rachael, whom Jessica describes as a mentally abused friend of the main character, who comes into her own throughout the film. Since then, Jessica went on to further expand her acting range and has become writer-director Shawn Anthony’s favorite lead actress. Soulmate: True Evil Never Dies, The Haunted, and the upcoming Manifestation (written by David R. Williams) are a few of Shawn’s films Jessica stars in. Her notable TV series roles include episodes of I Was Possessed, the crime documentary Southern Fried Homicide, and Harvest Moon Productions‘ currently-running Tales of Horror, in which she plays the darkly-seductive Lilith Death.

Also a very talented voiceover actress, Jessica treated me to uncanny and impromptu impressions of Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West, Bubble (from the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous), and Ms. Swan (from Mad TV) during our recent interview. Just press the play button to hear it all. Above photo by Wicked Photography.

December 4, 2015 interview with Jessica Felice

Jessica Felice as Lilith Death
Jessica as Lilith Death, hostess of Tales of Horror, available exclusively on Vimeo.
See this recent article for more info on Lilith and the show.

On the poster for the horror short Blood Loss and as the sinister Elizabeth in The Price.
Both of these from Harvest Moon Productions are featured in episode 3 of Tales of Horror.
Gracing the posters for the 2012 Harvest Moon features Jessica stars in;
Soulmate: True Evil Never Dies and Vampires: Rise of the Fallen.


It’s hard to believe, after looking at any of Jessica’s professional shots, but modeling is fairly new to her, as is cosplay. Despite being a novice in this area and as evident above, she has created the most amazingly authentic Vampirella this writer has ever seen. At left is Jessica, receiving an “A,” as Vampirella for her first rendering of the character in June of this year and at right; in her November revision, bumping that grade up to an “A+.”

At left; as Morticia Addams in a likeness that would surely have made Carolyn Jones proud, and at right, paying homage to the late Wes Craven as a sexy female version of Freddy Kruger. The glove Jessica’s wearing was actually used in one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Jessica was featured as both of these characters at Jason Brazeal’s Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty Radio Show website. She’ll also be voicing the into for the show beginning next month. (Above four cosplay photos courtesy of Wicked Photography.)

From the shoot for the June 2014 issue of Scream Queens magazine.

At left is Jessica’s version of Wonder Woman. Even though this was for a private Halloween party, one can see she paid just as much attention to her look and details of her costume as if she were going to an international cosplay event, which, hopefully, she will in the near future. At right is Jessica circa 2006 as Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, further showing that whenever she becomes a character, she goes all out and fully captures the essence of that character. In fact, THE Magenta herself, Patricia Quinn, whom Jessica has described as “a gem,” saw Jessica’s performance as Magenta in a 2008 production of the Rocky Horror Show. Although Jessica was too modest to say, I’m sure she made Patricia proud with her likeness and performance of her character.

At the Four State Slasher Con in Winchester, Virginia this past October. Left: Jessica at her booth, charming fans. Yes, that’s a menu behind her. No, she wasn’t serving food. Right: With Malevolent Magazine editor and Harvest Moon Productions VP, Amy Humphries.

Jessica Felice
Jessica is featured this month as Brawn Graphix’s December 2015 Vixen. Above artwork by Geo Brawn.
See more of Jessica at:

Jessica Felice



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