Playboy Playmates Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

All this month, many people have been taking what has become known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, not just celebrities and certainly not all women. However, since that’s who we focus on here, we have featured female celebs getting doused all throughout this month and we’re ending it with a bang. Here are a group of Playboy Playmates simultaneously taking the challenge. At 00:11, the four ladies and the one short slimeball* in the center are (from left to right) Anna Sophia Berglund (Miss January 2011), Kimberly Phillips (Miss September 2009), Dani Mathers (May 2014), Val Keil (Miss August 2013), and Amelia Talon (Miss June 2012).

*Reworded by author in July of 2016.



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