Ursula Taherian
TV Commercials

Ursula Taherian for Shiny Suds

Despite the title of this piece, the above 2009 commercial featuring actress Ursula Taherian is not for Shiny Suds bathroom cleaner. Shiny Suds doesn’t even exist. This is a faux commercial-within-a-commercial for Method’s safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The fictitious

Ysabel Young
TV Commercials

Ysabel Young for Doritos

On this Super Bowl Sunday, here’s a commercial produced by Last Doorway Productions‘ Reyna Young for Doritos’ 2011-2012 “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest. According to Reyna, who shot the commercial in Pacifica, California; “there were quite a bit of

Anne Miyamoto
TV Commercials

Anne Miyamoto for Calgon

Despite a career that encompassed the Broadway stage, writing award-winning fiction, and lecturing at universities, Japanese-American actress Anne Miyamoto will be best remembered by most, for her role as the laundry owner’s wife who revealed her husband’s “ancient Chinese secret”