Yna Alba

A chat with the Philippines' metamorphic model and avid Heat fan

If having perseverance and a positive attitude are key to success, 21 year-old model Yna Alba, is definitely on the right path. Speaking four languages and possessing a great sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either.

Yna (her professional name) writes some pretty clever captions to the array of photos in her modeling portfolio. Speaking of which, Yna considers her look very “metamorphic,” which enables her to take on a wide range of looks, suitable to the themes of her photo shoots. Besides the more standard glamour, import, and fashion modeling, she’s done photo sessions that involve her putting on full body paint, climbing trees, and even being made to look like a man, which was one of her own concepts. I’m not sure what else she’ll come up with, but I’d assume, since she’s an avid Miami Heat fan, a shoot as a Heat Dancer will be on the horizon ….probably just as soon as she can get ahold of an official Heat Dancers’ outfit.

CHRIS CHARLES: So Yna, where were you born and raised?
YNA ALBA: I was born and raised in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte Philippines.
CHRIS: What was your first modeling job?
YNA: My first modeling job started when a close friend of mine discovered that I’m photogenic enough to appear lovely and attractive in photographs, even untouched ones. Since then, I’ve never stopped doing shoots for myself. Before long, photographers were approaching me and asking to model for them.
CHRIS: You have an extensive portfolio. What type of photo shoots are your favorite?
YNA: Nude! (Laughs) Just kidding. To be honest, I’m more comfortable with glamour shots but the majority of my friends say I’m kinda suited for lingerie or sexy kinds of shoots since I have this metamorphic type of body.
CHRIS: Well, you do adapt well to a wide range of themes. I see you have even posed as your “male version.” Was that your idea?
YNA: Yes! (Laughs) I was really out of shoot concepts then. I was dreaming of something unique so I came out with that idea. Besides, I’ve been imagining how I look as a male.
CHRIS: Were you surprised when you looked at the photos (of you as a male)?
YNA: I actually fell in love with myself! (Laughs). It took a couple of days before I could get over the outcome
CHRIS: Many models these days have tattoos but I see you don’t have any. Correct?
YNA: It never hit my mind. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m still Filipina in nature? (Laughs) I don’t even have a piercing in my body except for my ear. I just find it, uhm, how do we call that; “bad.” Like a guy with many tattoos and piercings, I consider him a “bad” guy. That’s the usual connotation
CHRIS: Good for you. These days, it’s actually refreshing to see a model without any tattoos or piercings all over her body.
YNA: Why? A penny for your thoughts?
CHRIS: (Originally intending this to be off-the-record so as not to put off all the multi-tattooed and/or pierced ladies I’ve interviewed and hope to interview.) I just prefer a girl without tattoos and piercings, at least not all over her body. One small and feminine-type of tattoo is fine and besides the ears, a belly piercing can be sexy, but any other places make me want to ask her, “why did you do that to yourself?” Of course,there are exceptions. For example, some of the prominently-tattooed ladies I’ve featured here look hot with all their ink. I just feel that less is preferable.
YNA: I see. But it’s opinionated anyway. Some guys prefer girls with tattoos, but that won’t change my conviction.
CHRIS: Have you ever done any acting or TV commercials?
YNA: I gotten lots of indie film offers but I could only accept those that could suit my personality. My first offer was when they wanted me to act as a lesbian and appear in some sexual scenes with another girl. I rejected it (laughs).
CHRIS: I see. So, what do you do when you’re not in front of the camera?
YNA: I’m a sporty type! I love to surf! Surf the Internet (laughs). That’s just one of my hobbies, surfing the Internet, entertaining messages from my fans and friends and chat with them. I do hang out with my close friends. We go around, have some food trip, sing along, or just go for a stroll.
CHRIS: Are you into any sports, playing or watching?
YNA: Watching basketball games! Either live or on the TV. I’m a Miami fanatic! GO HEAT!
CHRIS: Ah, you should check out the feature I did on NBA cheerleaders a few months ago.
YNA: I will. Oh, how I wish Ill be one of their cheerleaders! (Laughs)
CHRIS: Well, thanks for taking the time to do this with me Yna. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
YNA: You haven’t asked me about my love life! (Laughs)
CHRIS: Haha well, okay ….any wild stories to tell about that?
YNA: Just kidding. I’m single as of this time. But despite that, I never have a boring sex life. Whew!
CHRIS: Want to say if you’re straight, bi or “no comment”?
YNA: I’m a straight woman. (Sorry girls.) So, here’s my closing statement; To aspiring models, never ever give up. Show your persistence, follow your dreams, never let anyone drag you down. Take every criticism as a challenge to move forward. But remember one thing; BE HUMBLE.


Big thanks to Christine Regino.

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