Sexy Vampire Andrea Brooks

It’s already the Halloween season for many and to get this site into the spirit of the season, I decided to browse some vampire makeup tutorials posted by some of Youtube’s top makeup gurus, and feature the one I found to be the most striking, in terms of the tutor and the end result of the tutorial. There were many videos to choose from, presented by some very talented ladies, but the one I kept coming back to was this one by Andrea Danielle Brooks.

Made two years ago, the video’s title, “Sexy Vampire KILLER,” is somewhat misleading. It implies that Andrea has transformed herself into a killer of vampires, rather than a vampire herself, which she obviously appears to be. I mean, a killer of vampires is a mortal who hunts them down armed with an arsenal consisting of (but not limited to) wooden stakes, crucifixes, rosaries, and holy water. I’ve never know a vampire killer to be one herself but there may be instances of such. I’ll definitely ask her about her inspiration for this video if I get her for an interview. Whether or not that happens, you can see more of Andrea at:

Her Youtube Channel
Her Facebook Fan Page
Andrea on Twitter


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