Screamvina Ghoul

The second most evil woman in Portland, Horroregon

Sexy and macabre horror hostess Screamvina Ghoul can be seen at all the eerie events in and around her native Portland, “Horroregon.” She also lays claim to being the “second most evil woman in Portland.”

Hauntingly intrigued by Screamvina when I first saw her and, wanting to know why she’s just the second most evil in woman Portland (and of course, who #1 would be) really piqued my curiosity, so I contacted her and asked if she’d mind answering a few questions to go along with a feature here. Saying the idea sounded “screamtastic,” she readily agreed to an interview ….but insisted that it had to be conducted after sunset.


Screamvina Ghoul
From Screamvina’s absinthe shoot with Paul Miller
CHRIS CHARLES: Thanks for taking the time for this little exclusive interview, Screamvina.
SCREAMVINA GHOUL: My pleasure, My Horrible.
CHRIS: I know you’ve conducted some interviews yourself, such as with the Wayne Gacy Trio and the guys at Dark Soldier Designs. Is it more fun being the interviewer or the interviewee?
SCREAMVINA: I have to admit I’m a bit more comfortable asking questions and learning more about Horrorergon’s pernicious personalities than I am being on the other end of the interview. Normally when I’m being interrogated there are torches and pitchforks involved. Say, there’s not an angry mob waiting outside is there??
CHRIS: No, but maybe a horny one. Anyway, you say you’re the “second most evil woman in Portland.” Okay, I’ll bite: Who’s the first?
SCREAMVINA: First, bite all you want My Horrible (gives a wicked wink). Second, if you want to find out who the first most evil woman of Portland is, you’ll have to find her first (gives a knowing, wicked wink).
CHRIS: Hmmm, I think I’ll search for her ….with caution. So, what makes you scream?
SCREAMVINA: Clearance sales on platform heels and evening gowns. Ooooo! Screamtastic!
CHRIS: I see you’re also a member of “Unchained Girls” as “Dino Unchained.” Is she an alter ego and do you also have a more mild-mannered alter ego you can mention? Sort of like a “Selina Kyle” to your “Catwoman”?
Screamvina Ghoul
Another from the absinthe shoot
SCREAMVINA: Ah, many mortals muddle that up. It’s okay, you’re only human. Unchained Girls are a Portland based promotional group. They are comprised of some beautiful and talents local ladies. Many of the Unchained Girls fall into the “alternative” category and quite a few of them enjoy the horror genre. This is why you will see them at events such as the Portland Halloween Bizarre, Zombie Prom, Toxic Zombie concerts, horror movie premiers, and more. Dino Unchained is my favorite because she bears a striking resemblance to Yours Truly. I like to think her current hair style was inspired by me, but it may just be that brilliant minds think alike (winks). I try to keep up on the Unchained Girls’ events though since they have quite the reputation for being screamtastically fun!
CHRIS: Ah, I see (noticing she didn’t address the part about having a mild-mannered alter ego …probably because she doesn’t, and moving on). Thank you for enlightening me on that. I’m sure you’ve had names like Vampira and Elvira mentioned around you. Is it fair to say you were inspired by such ladies?
SCREAMVINA: Of-corpse. I was inspired by the great horror hostesses! Vampire’s style, Elvira’s charm, and Tarantula Ghoul’s wit are all things I think about when blogging, making video shorts, and making personal appearances. When stuck in an awkward social situation I often think…. What would Elvira do?
Screamvina Ghoul
Graveyard shoot with John Mantel
CHRIS: What’s your favorite thing to do on a stormy evening ….or any evening, for that matter? I just assume stormy ones are your favorite.
SCREAMVINA: We don’t get many stormy nights in Horroregon. But we do get a lot of rain. I mean lots and lots of rain! I mean… it’s kinda like getting Chinese water torture nine months out of the year. I think the explains some of the craziness of Horroregon.The great thing about rain is that it tends to wash the normals off the streets (gives evil grin). Rainy night are perfect for going out to an Adrian H and the Wounds concert, a Sign of the Beast Burlesque show, or sipping on some absinthe down at the Lovecraft Bar. PDX (Portland) has a substantial horror scene and I do what I can to encourage our residence to embrace it.
CHRIS: You’re also a trained belly dancer?
SCREAMVINA: Would you like a demon-stration? (gives very naughty wink) Yes, I’ve been trained in Egyptian cabaret style. When you live in rainy Horroregon a ghouls got to have some hobbies.
CHRIS: Of course she does. Not every night can be Halloween ….but something tells me hanging out with you would make it seem so. What other hobbies and interests do you have?
SCREAMVINA: Aside from belly dancing….? I most thoroughly enjoy haunted houses, interviewing interesting fiends, plotting the moral corruption of the general populous, and karaoke.
CHRIS: I know you appear at the at the Portland Halloween Bazaar. Can you tell me a little about that and what you have planned for this year’s?
Screamvina Ghoul
Allure Studios shoot
SCREAMVINA: The Portland Halloween Bazaar is hosted by Horroregon’s own Jack and Jayne. This ghoulish couple has three of these bazaars under their bat-belt so far and I’m pretty sure they are planning a fourth. I don’t have any details on this event yet, but once we know more it will be all over Horroregon! You bet your sweet Astaroth!
CHRIS: What are some other ghoulish events where you can be see in the flesh?
SCREAMVINA: Horroregon recently celebrated Bruce Campbell’s birthday at the Lovecraft Bar (Yours Truly was a featured attendee). I don’t have anything scheduled right now in the way of public appearances, but I can tell you that a whole heard of hellspawn couldn’t keep me from Scream at the Beach’s featured attraction and haunted house at the Clark County fair Aug 5-14 in Ridgefield Washington! I also have high hopes for the The Dark Alice in Wonderland Ball this year Aug 20th at the Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland. A little Bat told me that Dark Soldier Designs is going to be there doing some screamtastic special effects makeup!
CHRIS: Well, thanks so much giving me and the readers a little insight into you, Screamvina. It’s been erotically eerie. In closing, any shou….uh, scream-outs to anyone?

SCREAMVINA: I’d like to give a scream-out to all of My Horribles, and please, if you haven’t done so already, drop by to come play with Yours Truly and my worst of fiends. Scare you there!

From shoot by Long Walk Home Photography’s Billy Clarke

Screamvina in her Christmas attire

At the Lovecraft Bar

The Unchained Girls. As one can see, Dino Unchained (seated on the right)
does bear a striking resemblance to Screamvina. The rest of the ladies

are Annie Christ, Miz Bella B (top), Misty and Mari Lyn (below).

Vampira - The Movie

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