Remembering Horror Hostess Veronique Von Venom

A look back at the "Horror Hostess Hottie" who loved unicorns

After she was allegedly fired from her low-rated cable access show in 2012, horror hostess Veronique Von Venom began her own self-produced web show. Shot in a garage somewhere in the Los Angeles area, the short-lived show originally ran on the now-defunct platform from late 2012 to early 2013. However, to date, all 17 episodes are still available at Magick Lantern Industries’ Youtube channel.

Although Veronique hasn’t been heard from in a good 10 years, she isn’t a candidate for the “Whatever Happened to..?” file. VVV was the alter ego of actress Mindy Robinson, who at the time was just a year or so into what has become a very prolific career acting in indie films, mostly in the horror genre. So, even though the Miss Von Venom character was seen no more after 2013, it was hardly a setback for Mindy. She went on to appear in such gems as Lizzie Borden’s Revenge (2013), After School Massacre (2014),  A Blood Story (2015), Bloody Island (2016), Antidote (2018), and Brides of Satan (2020), and Demon Pit (2022), just to name a few from her very long list of credits.

These days, Mindy’s still active as an actress, television personality, and political commentator. She’s promoted various conspiracy theories (considering herself a “conspiracy realist”) and unsuccessfully ran on the Libertarian ticket for a seat on the Nevada State Assembly to represent District 35 in the 2020 general election. She also a proclaimed pro-constitutionalist and has spoken at national events as a free speech/constitutionalist activist. You can see more of her at her official blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and  she’s very active on Twitter.

Clarisse Starling
Veronique was sometimes joined by her co-host Clarisse Starling (played by Giselle Marie, not to be confused with the porn star who has a similar name).
Jessica Cameron and Veronique Von Venom
Veronique’s best-known guest was Jessica Cameron, another name that has since become very prominent in indie horror. This photo is from February of 2013.
Jonesy and Veronique
Another notable guest Veronique had on her show was “Geek Guru” Jonesy (played by another then-up-and-coming name in indie horror, Arielle Brachfeld.)

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