Leena Nguyen

More of a passion for pool than for pageants

Despite feeling she doesn’t have the “model look,” 24-year-old Viet-Chinese part-time model Leena Nguyen was among the top ten finalists at the 2007 and 2008 Miss Vietnam USA pageants and at the 2007 Miss Norcal Vietnam pageant. She was also crowned Miss California Asia and “Miss Talent” at the 2007 Miss National Asia Pageant. Achievements she is very humble about.

Leena, whose first passion is singing, was a Viet Idol finalist in 2006 and also made the March 2007 cover of the popular Viet lifestyle magazine, BN. She says she currently works with disabled children and plans on going back to school later to pursue a career in dentistry rather than compete in any more pageants, which she had previously considered doing.

An admitted pool addict, she jokingly told me that she “spent most of her high school and college years shooting at a billiards hall” and is an avid video gamer, making time specifically for them every day. And for those of you wondering if she can cook; she can and desserts are her specialty. “Name ’em, I can probably bake ’em,” she says.


Backstage (left) and singing (right) at the Miss California Asia Pageant

At left; gracing the cover of the March 2007 issue of BN Magazine

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