Sylvia Wang

A look at the popular "Xangan" and Micsosoft Paint cartoonist

Law student Sylvia Wang (26) first caught my eye after one of her blog entries was featured at Xanga’s main page (no small accomplishment, knowing Xanga). After checking out her site, I was absorbed by her writings and was merely considering her for an Asian Sirens feature, but what decisively won me over were her awesome Microsoft Paint stick-figure illustrations.

The 165cm tall, 33-24-35, part-time model and part-time law student was signed to one of the top modeling agencies in Hawaii for two years, but since her attending school in California made it impossible for her to attend auditions in Hawaii, she hasn’t been featured in anything noteworthy …. until now.

Sylvia’s also a published writer, having had articles appear in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, a self-confessed junk food junkie, and (like Michelle Phan and Leena Nguyen) she’s another one of those beautiful Asian girls who’s an avid video gamer. “I’ve played them since I was four, and it’s one form of recreation I will never live without,” she told me. Oh, and she also has three awesome cats (Pepper, Turnip, and Walnut) that often add color commentary to her blog posts.

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