Remembering the New York Majesty

A focus on one of the Lingerie Football League's most forgettable teams

New York Majesty    NY Majesty Poster

Spawned from the 2004-2009 Lingerie Bowls, which featured top models such as Nikki Ziering and Angie Everhart, the original 10-team Lingerie Football League kicked off its inaugural season on September 4th, 2009. Of those 10 original teams, none, as of this writing, still exist. Some lasted a few years before folding, others lasted just one more season, while two teams ceased to be after just the first season. One was the Denver Dream, however they were reactivated in 2017 only to disband again after the 2019 season. The other was New York Majesty (the successor to the Lingerie Bowl’s New York Euphoria), whose home turf was intended to be Nassau Coliseum on Long Island (which was assumed at the time the above poster was printed), but due to a lease agreement not being reached, the ladies ended up calling the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pennsylvania home, well over 100 miles from New York City.

New York Majesty LogoWith only a four-game season (each team was scheduled to play one game against each of the other four teams in their conference), and since the Majesty’s game against the Chicago Bliss was eventually cancelled (and the Majesty was spared a very likely route by the Bliss), the Majesty ended their one and only season 0-3-0 with 26 points scored by them and 126 points scored against them, which made them the worst team that season (an opinion shared by others besides yours truly) and one of the worst team in LFL history. In fairness, the Majesty was not the worst team of the inaugural season by far. They were followed closely by the Western Conference’s San Diego Seduction, with season ending stats nearly as dismal. The aforementioned Denver Dream, to other team that folded after the first LFL season, also finished the season with negative net points. The Dream’s performance after their reactivation, from 2017-2019, pretty much grants them the crown as the worst LFL team ever, but we’re just focusing on the first LFL season here. (No need to be disappointed. There will be more on the Denver Dream in a subsequent article.)

Besides their poor performance, another noteworthy item in the New York Majesty’s legacy was an on-field brawl during a game with the Miami Caliente, in which Majesty quarterback Krystal Gray was ejected along with two Miami players. The Caliente went on to win that game 49-7 and Krystal was suspended for the next game.

Krystal Gray    Krystal Gray

Quarterback Krystal Gray was originally recruited by the Chicago Bliss, but was traded to the Majesty before the season began, in an attempt to build New York’s offense At left is her  during the game against the Miami Caliente. At right is a shot of her scuffle later during that same game with Miami’s Tina Caccavale (#11), which got Krystal tossed from the game and suspended for the next game. That next game would have been at home against the Chicago Bliss, but since that game was cancelled, she didn’t miss anything and was able to play in the subsequent game in Tampa against the Breeze, in which the Majesty lost 40-13 and turned out to be the Majesty’s last game ever.

Nicole Stanley    Nicole Rihl
Running backs Nicole Stanley (left) and Nicole Rihl were two of the Majesty’s premiere players. Nicole Stanley would
have probably been the most likely choice as the Majesty’s MVP, which is an opinion shared by others.

NY Majesty Players    Tanyka Renee

Left: At a promo event before the start of the 2009-2010 season are (left to right); Jovoni Serrano, who wore #12, but never did appear in any of the Majesty’s games, Anastasia Smith, who wore #18 and took the field for one game,  Stephanie Gayle, whose stats are unavailable, and AJ Nguyen, who wore #13 (not #3) on the field and suited up (as it were) for the games against the Philadelphia Passion, and Miami Caliente, but was absent from the final game against the Tampa Breeze. At right is Tanyka Renee who played in all three games for the Majesty and then went on to play for the Philadelphia Passion during the 2010-2011 season.

Some highlights of the Majesty’s debut game against the Philadelphia Passion, which the Majesty lost 40-6.
The screen shot shows a nice look at #13 AJ Nguyen’s backfield. (Yes, pun intended.)

Fan-shot video showing the Majesty’s defense in action against the Tampa Breeze. The Majesty players seen here are;
#1 Krystal Gray (and no, it’s not a good idea to have your starting quarterback also playing defense), #2 Aleina Mackey,
#6 Nicole Stanley, #10 Nicole Rihl, #14 Tanyka Renee, #16 Danielle Irvin, #18 Anastasia Smith, and #20 Jesse Stelma.

NY Majesty Home Page
The Majesty’s original home page as it looked at the start of the 2009-2010 LFL season. In this writer’s opinion, the Majesty did have
one of the best looking logos and coolest sounding names of all the teams ….and no idea why the home page featured the same image
of an unidentified player wearing #7 (who is not center Ashley Bauso who played wearing #7 for the Majesty), multiple times.

Like all the LFL teams, the Majesty had a 20-player roster. However, not all of the ladies on that roster saw playing time or even suited up (as it were) for the games. The 2009-2010 New York Majesty’s full roster was as follows. (The linked names are to a current page):

Krystal Gray
Krystal Gray and an unidentified teammate in the locker room wearing their white uniforms (as they were). However, the Majesty wore their red uniforms in all three of their games, so this was probably for a promo shoot or event.

#1 Krystal Gray, QB, DB – Games played: 3
#2 Aleina Mackey, Reserve – Games Played: None
#3 Marie Nicole, WR – Games Played: 2
#4 Stephanie Gayle, RB – Games Played: 2
#5 Adina Pink, DL – Games Played: 2
#6 Nicole Stanley, WR, DB – Games Played: 3
#7 Ashley Bauso, C – Games Played: 2
#8 Megan Engle, Reserve – Games Played: None
#9 Brittny Kubashky, Reserve – Games Played: None
#10 Nicole Rihl, WR, DL – Games Played: 3
#11 Nikki Hunter, S – Games Played: 1
#12 Jovoni Serrano, Reserve – Games Played: None
#13 AJ Nguyen, OL, LB – Games Played: 2
#14 Tanyka Renee, WR, CB – Games Played: 3
#15 Randii Lee, K – Games Played: None
#16 Danielle Irvin, LB – Games Played: 1
#17 Ciara Damuccio, WR, DL – Games Played: 1
#18 Anastasia Smith, OL – Games Played: 1
#19 Kiera Massette, S – Games Played: 1
#20 Jesse Stelma, WR, DB – Games Played: 2



The New York Majesty’s 2009-2010 scheduled.

Date Visitor Score Home Venue
October 2, 2009 Chicago Bliss Game Postponed New York Majesty Sovereign Canter
October 30, 2009 Philadelphia Passion 40-6 New York Majesty Sovereign Center
November 13, 2009 New York Majesty 7–49 Miami Caliente BankAtlantic Center
November 20, 2009 Chicago Bliss Game Cancelled* New York Majesty Sovereign Center
January 15, 2010 New York Majesty 13-40 Tampa Breeze St Pete Times Forum

*Seeing that the Chicago Bliss were one of the best teams in the LFL that season, and that a scheduled game with the Bliss was postponed and eventually cancelled, and seeing how the Majesty were trounced by lesser teams than the Bliss, it was probably an unintentional act of mercy that spared the Majesty from facing the Bliss.

2009-2010 Final LFL Standings

Eastern Conference

Team Wins Losses Ties Percentage Points For Points Against Net Points Home Road
Chicago Bliss 3 0 0 1.000 102 56 56 2–0 1–0
Miami Caliente 2 2 0 .500 123 90 33 1–1 1–1
Tampa Breeze 2 2 0 .500 92 70 22 1–1 1–1
Philadelphia Passion 2 2 0 .500 97 95 2 1–1 1–1
New York Majesty 0 3 0 .000 26 126 –103 0–1 0–2

Western Conference

Team Wins Losses Ties Percentage Points For Points Against Net Points Home Road
Dallas Desire 3 1 0 .750 96 52 44 2–0 1–1
Los Angeles Temptation 3 1 0 .750 117 63 54 2–0 1–1
Seattle Mist 3 1 0 .750 96 63 33 2–0 1–1
Denver Dream 0 3 0 .000 44 74 –30 0–2 0–1
San Diego Seduction 0 3 0 .000 12 113 –101 0–1 0–2


Even though the LFL’s 2009-2010 New York Majesty may not be as infamous as such NFL teams as the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 2008 Detroit Lions, or the 2017 Cleveland Browns ….or even their fellow LFL team, the Denver Dream throughout their whole existence for that matter, the Majesty has earned their place in Lingerie Football League history. To revisit what you can still see of the team online, you can check out what’s left of the Majesty’s official website, their long-abandoned Twitter, and find a handful of fan-shot videos floating around Youtube. One such gem is the October 2009 interview with Kiera Massette, Nikki Hunter, Ashley Bauso (in which Kiera does pretty much all the talking and handles the awkward and somewhat banal host quite well) on the now-seemingly defunct New York-based talk show, 12 Angry Mascots.

Of all the New York Majesty’s official merchandise offered at the time of their existence, the trucker’s hat, pictured at right, is still available from Amazon. To get one (and they are genuine), just click on the image.

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