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Multi-talented lady from San Jose, California

Vikki BerettaAs a model, Vikki Beretta has appeared at some of the top cars shows and most popular comic and cosplay conventions in California. She says she is very comfortable in front of the camera and often does her own hair and makeup. In her own words; “I have no problems posing myself. I come to shoots with a lot of energy to spend.” However, these days, she says her main pursuit is music and acting, even though she still holds her passion for modeling and definitely hasn’t put it on hold.

As a singer, Vikki currently fronts the San Jose-based punk grunge band, Starting From Zero. As an actress, she’s had small parts in indie features and short films, showing pronounced talent, particularly for dramatic roles. One of Vikki’s upcoming films is the action-horror Gone With the Dead, slated to be released this year, in which she will play the role of “Misty.”

Definitely a Bay Area lady to keep an eye out for, and here she is in an exclusive interview. Above photo is from Vikki’s recent shoot with Wulf magazine.

Vikki Beretta
Photo by Bidun Portraits
CHRIS CHARLES: Were you born and raised in San Jose?
VIKKI BERETTA: I was raised in San Jose the majority of my life, so it’s all that counts to me.
CHRIS: I understand your real surname is Barajas?
VIKKI: My real last name is Barajas. Beretta is my stage name.
CHRIS: How did you first get into modeling professionally?
VIKKI: Professionally? I just made rates and charged people, really.
CHRIS: Who have been some of your favorite photographers to work with?
VIKKI: I would say Rich Cirminello, Loutographer, Sherwin, Sirmaosalot, Benjamin Xiao, and there are many, but those are the ones that come to the top of my head.
CHRIS: What have been some of your most memorable photo shoot locations, for either good or bad reasons?
VIKKI: Beaches suck to shoot at when it’s cold and windy.
CHRIS: Have you appeared at any car shows that stand out as particularly memorable, once again, for either good or bad reasons?
VIKKI: Not really. They’re all very similar.
CHRIS: What have been some of your favorite cosplay events that you’ve attended?
VIKKI: Fanime, Sacanime, Anime Expo, and San Diego Comic Con.
Vikki Beretta
Photo by Studio La Donna
CHRIS: Do you make any or all of your own costumes?
VIKKI: I’ve made parts of some of the cosplays, but most of it I buy.
CHRIS: Who has been your favorite character to dress as?
VIKKI: I like Domino because she looks badass and is badass in the comics.
CHRIS: Any characters you haven’t dressed as yet, but plan to?
VIKKI: I plan to do a gender bend Kratos from the newest God of War.
CHRIS: Vampirella is a favorite of mine and you seem like you’d make a great Vampirella. Have you ever cosplayed as her?
VIKKI: No I haven’t and her outfit is very skimpy, perhaps too skimpy for conventions.
CHRIS: Let’s talk about you as a singer. Did singing came before modeling?
VIKKI: Definitely. I’ve been singing my whole life. Modeling came when I was going to community college.
CHRIS: Are you still performing with the band Starting From Zero?
CHRIS: Are you the original singer (for Starting From Zero)?
VIKKI: Not at all. They had been together for three years before I came in in to audition. Its my first band so it’s been a ride.
Vikki Beretta
As Poison Ivy for Fanime 2018
CHRIS: What other bands have you performed with?
VIKKI: Local ones.
CHRIS: What female singers are your biggest influences?
VIKKI: Adele, Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Christina Aguilera.
CHRIS: Do you have any recordings available?
VIKKI: Nothing has been released yet.
CHRIS: Have you considered doing more acting?
VIKKI: I have been doing acting for almost as long as modeling. It’s just at a different pace. This year I will be focusing on it more, in fact.
CHRIS: Do you have any skills or hobbies most people don’t know about?
VIKKI: I draw sci-fi/fantasy characters sometimes. All original art and characters.
CHRIS: With that, I thank you so much for doing this, Vikki. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
VIKKI: My friends who support me that have been doing it since high school and to the ones I recently have met and all my fans who follow me and have bought anything or gone to my shows.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question: Have you ever gotten a potato for Valentine’s Day?
VIKKI: No (laughs). That’s like getting coal for Christmas.

Vikki Beretta
2012 at Bodega Bay, California. Photo by Cocoa Jeans for Cocoa Swimwear.
Vikki Beretta
At the 2016 Hot Import Nights. Photo by John Fujinami.
Vikki Beretta
At Silicon Valley Comic Con

Vikki as a wife who wants her husband to rethink his priorities
in this simply entitled short; “Dramatic Short Film.”

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