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If you are based in the UK and attend horror conventions, it’s very likely you will have seen this lady. Peaches and Scream is a makeup/ SFX/cosplay artist influenced by horror movies, gore, drag, glamour and glitter, and, as she puts it, “blood and guts meet unicorns and glitter.” She has been in and out of makeup most of her adult life and loves to create various glamour looks staying true to horror movie/comic characters with an emphasis on the gore! You might also know her for her alternative model work, going by the name of “Peachy Poison.” Now signed up the Rogue Model Management and more often wearing latex, dark clothing, corsets, and crazy high heels, I caught up with her to discuss her work and plans for the future.

Arfon Jones: Hey Peaches, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule talk to me today. I understand you’ve only just got back from guesting at Birmingham Horror Con. How did you get on?

Peaches and Scream: It was awesome! I really enjoyed having my own little stall with my merchandise and I met lots of people who have followed me from the early stages. On the Saturday, I was cosplaying as Skinless Julia from Hellraiser 2 and she might have terrified a few people, but in all, she got great feedback, which meant a lot to me given the fact she took me a week to make/complete. The vibe of the day was great; fun and exciting as it usually is. I met a lot of cool people, enjoyed all the great costumes and stalls.

Arfon Jones: Excellent! Now, I met you last year at Sheffield Horror Con where you were dressed as Elvira, I’ve followed you on Facebook, and one thing that strikes me with your work is the amazing attention to detail. I think it’s fair to say that you are both artist and model.

Peaches and Scream: I think I’ve always been an artist in some way.

Arfon Jones: Interesting. Can you elaborate on this?

Peaches and Scream: As a child, I’d have paints, pencils, pens, charcoals, and of course, I would raid my female family members makeup bags and wardrobes to see what I could come up with.

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Arfon Jones: And the costume side of things; when did you start cosplaying?

Peaches and Scream: Oh, I think on and off for about four plus years? I think my first convention would have been a film and comic con, although I do prefer Horrorcon over them, but that’s only for my love of horror.

Arfon Jones: Yeah, the horror genre is clearly very important to you. Let’s talk a little about that. So what was your first horror movie?

Peaches and Scream: Oooo that’s a good one! I watched so many of them as a child that I’d be hard pressed to say which one was first and in what order, but I think A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Friday 13th, Halloween, and a lot of the Hammer horrors. I could go on as I watched a lot of horror as a child!

Arfon Jones: It shows! I’ve seen several homages to the great horrors from you, so who do you admire? Who are your heroes?

Peaches and Scream: That’s a tough one! I have a lot of people that I enjoy watching or whom I look up to and see as my idols. I’d have to narrow it down a bit or I’d be here all day but I will go with my friends, Robert Englund, Doug Bradley, Clive Barker (and pretty much all the cast from the Hellraiser movies) James Wan and Sharon Needles… In short Art is my biggest inspiration whether it is in the form of films/horror, make up, drag, paintings, drawings it’s just always the thing that makes life more exciting!

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Arfon Jones: So would you like to get involved in make-up on film?

Peaches and Scream: I’d love to have worked on makeup in some films, meet all my idols and work with them in some way, run makeup classes and last, but not least, have a life size pinhead bust for my living room, haha!

Arfon Jones: Fingers crossed! All that aside, I think we should address that you are actually a professional model. How long have you been modelling? and how exactly did you get into it?

Peaches and Scream: I started over four years ago, come to think of it, it will be closer to five soon! It started with old friends asking to take my picture for their projects and then being badgered, by my friends, to enter a competition, which I later went on to win a place in.

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Arfon Jones: So reflecting on your your modelling career thus far, have there been any particular highlights?

Peaches and Scream: I think the highlights would be getting signed to my current gency and doing latex catwalks, sexibition, and modelling for one of my favourite clothing brands, Killstar.

Arfon Jones: Excellent. I understand it’s all go in the world of modelling. There is a lot of work involved, but it also can be fun. Any funny stories you can tell us?

Peaches and Scream: I can’t pinpoint any funny stories, but I guess the contents of my case is always funny/intriguing; duct tape, a cane, lube, a head. You know, the usual everyday items, haha!

Arfon Jones: And you must meet and work with many interesting people?

Peaches and Scream: Yeah, I’ve met some really cool people along the way and I’ve always enjoyed the alternative/fetish/pinup side of things. I feel most comfortable when wearing latex, which a lot of people have found weird in itself, but hey, it’s what I like. I’m hoping to get a few more events in this year and meet some more cool people.

Arfon Jones: We are not even halfway through the year yet and you seemed to already be rushed off your feet!

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Peaches and Scream: Yeah! Events wise like you said I just came back from Birmingham Horrorcon and before that was at a valentine’s entertainment/shopping event ran by my modelling agency, Rogue Model Management, at Rebellion in Manchester, which hosted all manner of entertainment, fetish, alternative, Gothic, and much more.

Arfon Jones: So what other things have you lined up for 2018?

Peaches and Scream: Well this year is looking to be a pretty fun one! I am really looking forward to guesting with the Horror Icons and Villains UK at Sheffield on the 19th and 20th of May. Come find us and get your picture taken or just stop by and say hello. I’m sure there are going to be more dates/events added so keep an eye out!

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