Alexis Iacono: Neo-Noir Girl Friday Goes Undercover – Episode 2

Alexis Iacono

So I decided to take on the mission. Day two: Vérification de Fond. People often ask; “How?” The research is quite simple. Since it often comes to me, I don’t look for it, but since I am allowing you into my world, this is how the research is developed.

The jig is up! People are predictable. They can hurt or help their “problèmes malheurs” by feeling the unnecessary need to overshare or express how amazingly talented they are, specifically on their social media page. Those are the unfortunate train wrecks that are a hassle. An open book filled with the drama of …..necessary and useful information …. that makes this #GalFriday’s job très easy.

Alexis Iacono

The narcissists are too distracted staring in the mirror. The cowards run so fast they usually leave evidence behind for you.

In short; you may think people are going to pity you. But you are exposing your contamination. You make this job way too easy for me to solve.

Thank you for leaving me the breadcrumbs.

– Alexis Iacono

Alexis IaconoAlexis Iacono

“Round up the usual suspects.”

– Claude Rains in Casablanca

(Photos and makeup by Reba Vera)

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