Alexis Iacono: Neo-Noir Girl Friday Goes Undercover – Episode 3

Alexis Iacono

La Sacrífice –  Is it worth sacrificing your own identity to create a new one for the sake of the job? Are you the protector? The Observer? Or the Assassin? It’s easier to ignore your God-given power with “cheap ‘n easy” thrills to distract you. So, my question to you all; after your codependency of numb fades away from the night before, who are you?

Alexis Iacono

I have often been tested in all three categories. A man stopped me one night on 3rd Street and gave me a quiz on human behavior. I passed with flying colors. I knew the answer right away when I saw the fear on his face.

– Alexis Iacono

Alexis IaconoAlexis Iacono

(Photos, hair, and makeup by Reba Vera)

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