The Homicidal Homemaker with an Easter Treat

"Where home economics meets horror"

Kaci Hansen, better known to most as “The Homicidal Homemaker,” has had an immensely popular Youtube horror-themed cooking show since 2016. But even before that, she was a personalty known to the horror scene, especially in California. Since founding the Central Valley Horror Club in 2008, Kaci has organized events that have earned her recognition by all the top Horror publications in the US, not to mention legions of horror fans.  Her bio at her official website covers that and much more.

Also referred to as the “Martha Stewart of the macabre” and the “lady who puts the ‘cleaver’ in June Cleaver,” Kaci’s culinary creations are certainly not limited to the Halloween season, as evident in this recent video, where she shows how to make something appropriate for Easter.

The Homicidal Homemaker
Kaci with her “horror-fied” Easter egg creations

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