Alexa Le

Aspiring model's first ever interview

I first noticed 22 year-old aspiring model Alexa Le at her blog before I knew she was an aspiring model. She informed me of her desires to become a car show model and dancer (and that she had profiles at Model Mayhem and HIN City) after I contacted her about being featured. Unsure of what I could write about her, since she chooses to keep her private life private and her bio as a model is a short one so far, I suggested an interview, which she ardently agreed.

CHRIS CHARLES: First of all, I want to thank you for giving my readers and I the chance to learn more about you than we could from just your Model Mayhem profile.
ALEXA LE: No, thank you! I’m flattered by your interest.
CC: So I already know you’re Chinese and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina from Chicago. Were you born and raised in Chicago?
AL: Yessir!
CC: Are you going to school in North Carolina now?
AL: Currently I’m not. I just recently finished my undergraduate education so I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
CC: But I understand you future plans include modeling?
AL: Yes, they do, but my real passion is dance! I’m still trying to find a gig go-go dancing, but there aren’t that many around here in Raleigh, so it’s been tough.
CC: When did you decide you wanted to pursue modeling and dancing?
AL: Well, it sounds silly, but I’ve always wanted to be an import model since high school, ever since I saw The Fast and the Furious! (laughs) ….and I started becoming interested in the go-go dancing in college when I would see them dancing at the clubs in Chicago.
CC: I assume your parents are pretty conservative. Have you told them of your desire to model or go-go dance?
AL: Oh definitely not, they would go nuts!
CC: (Laughs) I see. Think you’ll eventually tell them?
AL: Probably not. I think they would prefer not to know, so I’d rather spare them. Anyway, I don’t intend on modeling or dancing as my lifelong career choice, but I need to take a risk and do it now, while I’m still young and can, or I might regret it for the rest of my life!
CC: Well I can certainly understand that. So, would you consider yourself an exhibitionist to a certain degree?
AL: Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that I feel everyone should have the privilege to express their sexuality freely and that my modeling and dancing is my expression of my own sexuality. At the same time, however, my sexuality is not so overpowering (laughs) that I would be comfortable doing any adult style photography or dance.
CC: So you don’t think you’d do any nude or semi-nude modeling? 
AL: Well, I do quite a bit of lingerie and I might consider doing some implied nude, but I don’t think I would ever be comfortable doing full nude.
CC: Are there any well-known models you admire?
AL: Well, to an extent I admire Tila Tequila a lot. I think she’s quite an entrepreneur and really made a name out of herself. I think there are few Asian models who are able to crack into mainstream media and the fact that she was able to do so with such creative, unconventional means, like Myspace, is pretty impressive.
CC: Do you plan on launching your own website in the future?
AL: Hmmm ….maybe. I would need some help with that though because I’m rather inept at computers and programming (laughs), but yes, I guess so, eventually.
CC: So what are your hobbies and interests?
AL: I love art and theater. I try to catch as many theatrical performances as I can; Broadway, opera, contemporary dance, etc. Part of what I love most about modeling is the photography; to be able to be a part of art is quite a privilege.
CC: Have you ever taken or are you currently taking any dance classes?
AL: Currently I’m not. I have, however, taken ballroom and salsa dance classes. Unfortunately, they weren’t very well taught, so I’m still not very good.
CC: I see. As you know, I’ll be sharing your feature at Asian Sirens. Have you ever checked out that site before and if so, what do you think of it?
AL: Yes, I have. One of my old boyfriends used to look at the site. I’ve recognized a few of the girls being featured on there and I always thought, wooow, how lucky! (laughs) I think in general, it’s a good site for people to become more familiar with the Asian culture.
CC: Well, now that you’ve joined their (the featured girls) ranks, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?
AL: Well, I think Asian women as a whole tend to be objectified into fetishes more often than any other race and viewed as shy and submissive. I’d like for people to keep in mind that there are just as many strong, capable Asian women as there are in any other race and their beauty is not just in their physical appearance, but also in their spirit and intellect.
CC: Well, thanks again Alexa. It was great of you to give me this little exclusive interview. I wish you the best of luck in your modeling endeavors and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you.

AL: No, thank you! A little dream fulfilled for me!

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