Ogamdo Poster Model

Speculation as to who the mystery lady is

I‘ve never featured an unidentified model here before, but the production company for the soon-to-be-released mainstream Korean movie Ogamdo (The Five Senses of Eros will be the English title), will only state that the model on the movie’s poster is an anonymous body model and not one of the actresses who appears in the film. The poster’s tagline reads, “Look, graze, feel…a story about more than eroticism,” and it’s caused quite a buzz since its unveiling.

I considered the unknown model for the poster could be ero actress Oahm Da-hye, who was the body model on the poster for the 2007 Korean movie, Cadaver (featured here) but dismissed that since Da-hye is a big name in the Korean adult industry and would most likely not model anonymously for a poster. Yes, I know her face wasn’t shown on the poster for Cadaver, but there was plenty of press revealing the owner of the body as Da-hye. There has been zero press about the identity of the Ogamdo poster girl.

After searching through Korean cyberspace and coming up with nothing, I spoke with a couple of contacts and learned of some reasonable speculation that the mystery model may be lesser-known ero actress Cha Rin, whom yours truly met a few years ago after a stage performance in Seoul.

Ogamdo is actually composed of five vignettes, each by a different director. Even though two of the actresses who appear in the film, Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Min-sun (pictured below), have done some brief topless scenes in previous films, perhaps they were too shy or weren’t considered to have the assets (pun intended) needed to grace the poster.

Cha Soo-yeon, the actress who was IDed here (without a “thanks”), is also in the film, which is due out in Korean theaters in July, but probably won’t be available internationally on DVD until next year. The ladies in the cast will make this one worth owning. Just wish I was sure of who the owner of that body on the poster is.

Uhm Jung-hwa

Kim Min-sun

The recently released trailer


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