Jasi Lanier

James Girls

Artist and photographer Mike James’ camera has been capturing out-of-this-world sexy models over 20 years. Often in costumes he creates himself, the ladies’ poses and themes range from the outrageous to the fairly mundane.

Mussum as Kuchisake-onna


The Japanese urban legend of the scissor-wielding “Slit-Mouth Woman” was believed to be real in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture in 1979. Reports of sightings were given such merit, local police increased patrols and parents were cautioned not to let their children go out alone.

Cherry Poptart
Fictional Characters

Cherry Poptart

Cherry (Poptart) was more than just an adult comic book full of gratuitous and explicit kinky sex that included bondage, incest, and bestiality (well, implied bestiality, anyway). It also contained satire, political humor, and social commentary.

Tristan Risk as Beatress

The Ladies of American Mary

If you like movies where only and all the female characters are off the deep end, this gem from Jen & Sylvia Soska is one not to miss. Of special note is Tristan Risk’s bizarre Betty Boop-like stripper, Beatress Johnson and Paula Lindberg’s Ruby Realgirl.



Asian Cheerleaders of the NBA

The high energy routines of NBA cheerleaders keep the crowd pumped-up during halftimes and breaks in the action. Here are 24 Asian ladies who, during the 2011-2012 season, grace the court with their squads on game days in support of their teams.