1. This looks excellent, I couldn't tell if it actually was released at the start of the year or not. Do you know? I would really love to see it, especially with the gorgeous cast.

    • It was released in theaters in Japan last December and in Hong Kong in February. Don’t count on it being released in the US anytime soon but the DVD will be available there in the very near future.

      So far, the DVD is available here but only for region code 2. Just be patient and thanks for your comment!

  2. Maggie was recommended to me through a friend as my buying agent back in 2010. With her help I bought a nice single family home in a beautiful neighbourhood in San Leandro, California.

    My overall experience with Maggie was quite pleasant. She is honest, knowledgeable and resourceful. Facts and educating her clients seem more important to her than rushing clients to close the deal. But that by no means she is slow in communicating. On top of that, at least in my case, Maggie cares a lot about building an lasting relationship with her clients even after escrow is closed. I would absolutely recommend Maggie to my friends and family.

  3. I recently did two new music videos. One is called "Landlady" wherein I had the lead role of the sexy, flirty landlady for the band, Mojo Workin and the other is called "The Summer Place" wherein I had one of the leads of a 1970's glamorous housewife for the famous band, Fountains of Wayne.

  4. Informative comment on this entry posted by “Foddy” at Asian Sirens:

    The video clip is typical Japanese TV nonsense, with the guy in the traditional Japanese clothing looking at her body and analysing her character from it. For example he says that she is very stubborn (which she agrees with) and, later, looking at her nose, says that she is easily fooled by men and likes men who are “different,” in other words, unusual types.

    Of course it’s all completely ridiculous and just an excuse to look at a pretty girl in a state of undress.

    In any event, she was definitely one of the most gorgeous Japanese girls of the past couple of decades.

  5. I'd also like to add that the music video "The Summer Place" I was in as a 1970's wife made it into Rolling Stone magazine and is currently playing on major network channels.

    I've also been busy with more films and commercials. Most recently, I was in a short movie called "No Exit" playing the lead role of Estelle, a vain, stuck up woman who finds herself in jail, a cafe clerk who gets attacked in the movie "Bad Kids", appeared in a canon commercial with Nicolette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives, had the lead role of Sharon Nesbitt, a cheating wife, in a commercial slated for tv and Amazon advertising a book called "Hotels, Motels, Backseats & More", and am in two new web series called City of the Giants (lead role of Susan Connors) and The News (lead role of Julie Baxter). I am currently still filming these web series.

    • That’s right. I just did the motions and showed the experiences they were singing about. There are no lines to be memorized in a music video. Our set in an old house that looked like the 1970’s in Bolinas was beautiful.

  6. I just did two more horror films this past weekend which will be playing in the San Jose Film Festival this Saturday night at Cinearts at Santanna Row. One is called "You Belong To Me" wherein I play the lead role of Maxine, and the other is called "Monster" wherein I played a prostitute/victim who meets up with a serial killer. Be prepared for some horrific scenes in these two movies.

    • That’s right. I just did the motions and showed the experiences they were singing about. There are no lines to be memorized in a music video. Our set in an old house that looked like the 1970’s in Bolinas was beautiful.

    • Awww…. thank you!!! 🙂 I appreciate it. I will keep those in mind 😉 Be sure to be on the lookout for my next films coming out, “Photographic,” to be released soon and “Lucid Fear,” to be released early next year! Both on Amazon. xo! -Marie

  7. ^ That above comment fell about 10 yards short of making any sense, but I guess Anon liked this entry. Anyway, I originally posted this at another site by request of a reader, who wanted some more info on Ji-hye.

    • Actually, there are many Kekko Kamen fans that were led to this post because of the title. Of course, this must be a pretty nice gem for them because there aren’t many photos on the net of Miss Aoki (the actress who played Kekko in the first three films) without the mask.

  8. Debra just got back to the SF Bay Area from Los Angeles, after finishing up Disciples and is now filming a few more scenes for Charles Webb’s upcoming G-String Horror. (That’s the working title and it may change.) I’ve seen some photos of Debra at the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco, where some scenes have been shot.

  9. Maybe not an in depth interview but you did get in touch with her. Good job Chris! Modeling for 12 years huh? That puts her around 30 something if she started after high school or did she start sooner?

    • There have been fewer suicides among male Korean celebs, however, just as notable and two come to mind. Actor and singer Choi Jin-young, who was the younger brother of Choi Jin-sil, killed himself on March 29, 2010, in the same manner his sister did a year and a half earlier. Also, top actor and singer Park Yong-ha hanged himself June 30, 2010, when he had everything to live for.

    • Wrong on both counts, Anon. That scene at the end of the original movie was a just dream that Alice (Adrienne King) was having about Jason coming out of the water and grabbing HER.

      She was eventually killed by Jason but it was in her apartment at the beginning of Part 2.

  10. Ahhh–I just LOVED reading about my beautiful, Gorgeous GODDESS, Liane! Yes, it truly was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! And if "she wears sunglasses too" is code for "she'll also get naked on a dare", then you're RIGHT–hahaha!!! Love you, darling! Great interview, Chris! Muah!

  11. I see this is in the top 10 now. It should have been a long time ago. Great post and thanks for including the song! Now I'll need to try and get the soundtrack!

  12. I remember Ryo Mi Oh from the 90's. I read an article on her in the Korea Herald back then. It was about some play she was appearing in at the time. Thanks for the info on her and the trip down memory lane!

    • I did speak with her for a few minutes after the show but no interview. It’s been several years now, but as I recall, she was surprised that a non-Korean knew who she was. She told me she’d never been to the US, but has relatives in Chicago.

  13. Great post. I remember seeing this movie when I was 15. You should do a 'whatever happened to' post on Deborah Van Valkenburgh who played Mercy.

    • No mystery about that, William. Just Google Deborah’s name and you’ll find her Wikipedia and IMDb listings, as well as her official website. She was great as Mercy and I’d say it was her most memorable film role. Of course, her role as Jackie Rush on the sitcom Too Close for Comfort is the TV role she’ll always be best remembered for.

    • The original lyrics weren’t literally translated to Korean, mailny because names like Michael Rennie, Leo G. Carroll, and Anne Francis would be totally unfamiliar to Korean audiences. Not to mention references to tarantulas and triffids.

  14. Sounds like she's got some haters, but I guess when you compete in pageants, that goes with the territory. I don't know her, but from this interview she seems like a very nice and lovely young lady with a promising career ahead of her.

  15. I hope Japanese Directors can give Asami a Real Movie break, i think she will nail it on an Action Comedy type of movie. sexy movies are old school for her, as a Fan of Asami, i really wanna see her other capabilities not just on AV or her being just a sidekick. :3 Go go go Asami san!

  16. I was searching for Playmate deaths and found this. I was only 8 years old when she was killed but I do remember my older brother being all broke up over it. Such a beauty taken from the world far too soon.

    • Ah, thanks for letting me know that, sc83x. Guess I shouldn’t have assumed you were a male, otherwise your user name would have been “sc83xy.” Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my interview with Felissa and thanks for stopping by!

    • Yeah, I follow a couple of Korean entertainment sites (one reason is to stay informed in case I need to make another addition to this list) and already read about it. Now Choi Jin-sil’s kids are without a mother, an uncle, and a father ….even though he was an estranged father.

  17. It's odd for someone to drop out of sight so very quickly. One can only hope it was for all the right reasons (a good marriage to a wealty guy?) rather than drugs or some other occupational hazard. She didn't seem the hair stylist type. Beautiful girl.

    • The ending credits listed all the actresses who played the Lizzies, and credited the whole group as “The Lizzies” (as they did with all the other gang member credits). None of the actresses were credited to a particular character.

      The actresses I have not yet been able to match to a particular Lizzie are: Jordan Cae Harrell, Donna Ritchie, Doran Clark, Patty Brown, Iris Alhanti (credited as Iris Alahanti) Laura Delano (credited as Laura De Lano), and Heidi Lynch. So, the blonde Lizzie was played by one of those ladies.

  18. Truly, one of the most beautiful playmates ever. She seemed to have some capability to do more than be just a playmate, but, you can never know what someone is really like by looking at their picture. Susan could fill your head with all kinds of fantasies. It would be a hoot for her to give an interview and talk about the porn film, her Playboy experience and her movie and TV parts.

    • My guess is that Susan got married at around 30 and just opted to settle down into a domestic life away from show biz. Hopefully, someone who knows her personally (or better yet; Susan herself) will read this piece and contact me with some information on whatever became of her, which could hopefully lead to that interview.

  19. Beautiful lady! I didn't see American Mary but from the photo, she looks nothing at all like her character from that film. Hope I get to see her on stage someday if she's ever down in the Bay Area or I'm ever up in Vancouver.

  20. Thanks! Came here from Wikipedia after searching for Bond Girls and Wai Lin. That Life article on the best Bond Girls of all time is not available anymore. I know it's asking a lot but would you happen to have it and possibly consider scanning and uploading it if you do?

  21. So strange, I just found out today that this lady (Susan Kiger, and of course Patty Kiger) is my grandmother's cousin – that would make her my third cousin? Weird, I've seen my third cousin VERY naked.

    • That would make Susan your first cousin twice removed, Christine. If you have any contact with her and can share some info on what she’s doing these days or think she just might be willing to do an interview, please click on the “Contact” tab and send me a message.

    • Thanks Liane, but you can see it wasn’t much of an interview. I have a long list of questions for Linnea, but pinning her down for a time and place to do a proper interview has been so difficult, I just settled for one of my one-question interviews ….for now, anyway.

  22. Warriors, come out to play-yay! Yeah I know it was the Rogues that said that. I thought the Lizzies name was a play on words when I saw those two in the 2nd photo dancing in their hangout.

  23. I was lucky enough to meet her and get her autograph (the only Playmate autograph I have). She was here in Kansas City with Cheri Caffaro and another of the HOTS actresses doing a promotion for the movie. They were at Hallmarks Crown Center, and the even had a hot air balloon. She was very sweet and very tall. It's funny but the one thing I remember is she had quite a bit of hair on her upper lip that stood out in the sun light.(a side effect of birth control hormones).
    I would love to hear what's she's doing today! Thank you for this!

    • Ahh yes, Cheri Caffaro, of the “Ginger” movies fame, was credited as one of the writers and producers of H.O.T.S. She’s another one for the “Whatever Happened to..” file, but she didn’t seem to drop out of sight until about 15 years after Susan did. According to Cheri’s IMDb bio, her last credit was providing the voice for a character in a 1997 cartoon series and she now lives in LA and raises honey bees. Hmmm ….Susan’s character in H.O.T.S. was named “Honey.” Is there a connection there??

      Anyway, glad this piece brought back a fond memory for you, Dale. Did you happen to take any photos or still have what Susan signed for you at that promotion?

  24. I knew Susan before she became famous. I had given her a cat named Samatha back in Long Beach California circa 1974. Susan was working at Charlie Browns at the time as a cocktail waitress….l always wondered what happened to that lucky cat…..

    • Did the math on that and Susan wouldn’t have turned 21 until November of ’74. Have to be at least 21 to serve alcohol in a bar in California, but 18-20 year-olds could serve it if the place was a bona fide restaurant, which Charley Brown’s was, so that checks out.

      Anyway Anon, since you say you’ve always wondered what happened to Samantha, I assume that means you’ve lost touch with Susan over the years?

      Oh by the way, the Long Beach Charley Brown’s is long gone as is Samantha of course, but I’d say she definitely lived a full and happy life with Susan as her owner.

      • If her DOB was Nov 65, she would have been 18 in 1983 but not until Nov so depends when she started in 83. Either way she was a favorite of mine, pretty face, great ass, nice tits with puffy nipples and a nice hairy pussy. None of the bald look of today.

  25. I was actually lucky enough to meet her in San Diego in the early 80s. We became friends and dated for a while. I regret that I too lost touch with her. She was very charming, gracious and fun to be around. I too hope that she found a very lucky man and settled down with him.

  26. Susan was hired by Buck Stop Lure Co Inc in late 1977 to be a company spokesperson as BAMBI, she attended various hunting trade shows, signing posters, and copy's of her Playboy center fold. At times there would be over 300 guys in line waiting. She was a crowd pleaser and very personal with each customer. Working with Susan was a pleasure. I still have boxes of posters of her. Sadly time and age runs its course. The company has tried several times to use a different girl as BAMBI. But there was only one Susan Kiger. Wishing Susan all the Best

    • I see Buck Stop is still in business and it seems like the most recent poster girl they had was a lady named Jessica Fritz, who isn’t featured at their site and may no longer be with the company. Anyway Anon, if you ever decide to part with any of those posters or come up with any more info on Susan, please let me know!

  27. I moved to San Diego in 1983 and found Susan working as the membership salesperson at a local fitness club. She still looked good. After making a few friends on the staff I asked about her and was told she was living with a black guy in the area.

    • Well if that’s true, scroll up to the top of the page, click on “Contact,” send me a message with the info (Are the photos already online, just on your computer, or not yet on your computer?) and we will make it happen. I’ll make an addition to this article or post a separate article that will include your photos and give you credit.

  28. A very famous early 80s idol named Chiemi Kai hung herself. Also a minor idol (and wife of Ken "Matsuken" Matsudaira) Yuri Matsumoto committed suicide by hanging in 2010 shortly after the death of a parent she had been nursing leaving behind a five year old child. Ken felt tremendous guilt for working on the stage and traveling while Yuri was taking care of the sick parent and their child too, and due to this guilt he went into retirement.

    There are quite a few non-idol music industry suicides in Japan as well. Given that suicide is fairly common in Japan, I would say it's not something unusual in the idol genre.

    • Yes Anon, while doing my research, I did find out about Chiemi, but the seemingly more credible sources stated she died from a heart attack, which is why I originally didn’t include her here. However, I recently read that her cause of death was listed as a heart attack because her son had found her body hanging, took her down and tried to save her life (whether by trying to resuscitate her or calling for help) but she soon after had a fatal heart attack.

      You seem to have the inside story surrounding her death, so if you have a link to a news article on it (either English or Japanese), please post it.

  29. I knew Susan. We worked together on one of those "Battle of The Network Stars” shows. She was so damn sweet and unassuming, I couldn't believe it. We dated once, but never after that one time. My only connection with her after that was by phone. She was/is very sweet. A perfect Playboy rep. I guess the best way to contact her is through Heffner. He never loses touch with these ladies. I remember she was without a chip on her shoulder. She was/is gracious. Never met a woman as sensuous as she.

    • Thanks for your comments, Anon, but I have to take them with a grain of salt because Susan never competed in any of the Battle of the Network Stars shows. She wouldn’t have been eligible because, although she made appearances on some popular TV shows during her heyday, she never starred in any.

      Maybe you mean she worked on a BOTNS show in some other capacity? If so, please elaborate. Also, if you took any photos of or with her and would be so kind as to share them here (as my friend Tony did), it would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Unknown on the far right stairs is Doran Clark, the blonde is Heidi Lynch, Iris Alhati (Klein) is the girl top middle in the gun picture… google images on all three show several pictures to match them up…

    • Yeah Steve, I caught that news a few days ago on my Facebook News Feed. Maybe the SNL producers didn’t think she had what it takes to handle it alone, but this also might mean that she won’t be so tied up with Weekend Update, that she won’t have time to appear in many other skits ….and I’m sure hoping to see “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at a Party” again.

  31. I think if it concerns celebrities they commit suicide out of pride, because they loose theire status and become normal and for them wealthy its un-barable its impossible to help them and perhaps all of them deserve to die if they value theire life so little…rich are always arrogant and proud they're money whores that obey the corrupt system therefore its very unlikely they'll accept help even from theire fans sadly even if the fans love an idol an Idol only see her or his fans as payee's and people who pay to be in the audience that dosen't build any kind of relation and therefore its usseless… it might be sad for the fans that have all theire hopes dash than again they have these even if theire celebs are alive as basically there's no way to have a intimate relationship with a celebrity it has never been practiced in our world anyways … thats a caste segregation the rich are with the rich and poor are with the poor I don't see anyway it could change so they deserve to die

  32. There's an old saying if you're not with us than you're against us and having to choose between billion children dyimg of hunger and a louse celebrity idol commiting suicide on a whim I choose the celebrity death if its all the same, the hungry children given a chance could do much good for the society, while the wealthy and celebrities are in fact a parasite, do we care about them of course no, do we think we can use them and get used ourselfs yes we do many times , the system is very protective of its whores and if it dosen't need them than they simply die…The system is astructure that dosen't take chances either you follow order or die this is the true face of Capitalism and Global economy and this the prize these girls paid for selling themselfs to the system

    • You are assuming that being numerous & hungry and poor is infinately more NOBEL that being pampered and rich and parasitic? Today I killed a brood of Cockroaches and I’m not crying over it. I’m anti-Humanity. Humanity has currently killed off 60% of all species on this planet. It is projected that there won’t be a single fish in the Oceans by 2040 and by 2060 all forests, all animals (above the size of cockroaches & flies) will have been eraticated. RE: NewFoundland Fish Collaspe 1991, etc. To exit this world on your own terms is the thing only the GODS are permitted to do. These women left the world at the height of their beauty and intellectual powers. Think Marilyn Monroe vrs. Betty Page or Elizabeth Taylor—Me? I am destined to die senile, fighting for my last breath, in a urine soaked mess because I am too much a coward to ‘Leave the Party early’!!!

  33. I have a 1978 calendar in my garage I inherited from my uncle, that's open to her month. She was the most beautiful of that year's dozen. I'm def bookmarking this article in case you do get some info on what she's doing these days.

  34. WOW! Wished I had taken pictures during her H.O.T.S appearance here in KC! I only got her centerfold signed and it got misplaced during our last move (Along with my Morgana pics). I'm still looking!

    • Enjoy it I did, Nicholas. Compared to your intro, Lamia just scratches the surface on William Castle and The House on Haunted Hill. However, I’m sure you’ll understand why I’d still rather have her as my host. Thanks for bringing Cleveland Classic Cinema to my attention!

  35. Korea is not a country. It is another planet where only beauty and money is wanted. The men are not angels, they drive the women to suicide. I feel bad for Korean women. They are brainwashed by one messed up culture.

  36. Great interview! I remember Caged Heat from WOW back in the day. Had no idea Delta went on to becoming a top and very beautiful stuntwoman.

  37. Brenda was the only good thing about this show. The rest of them were terrible, regardless of their experience. Martin Mull hasn't done anything funny since Fernwood 2 Night and Peter Riegert, since Animal House.

    • I have to agree with you there, Anon. The worst thing about Dads were the “dads,” and Mull’s best work was Fernwood 2 Night. He and Fred Willard complemented each other well on that show, unlike when they were paired together on Roseanne.

  38. Yeah Elvira never seemed to know much on the films she hosted. This girl does her homework. Still, it wouldn't hurt if she showed some cleavage.

  39. My dad had that issue of Super Cycle in his collection (which is now my collection) and a friend told me her name. That led me to a Google search and that led me here. Great interview! Glad to finally find out about a girl I had been lusting over for the last few years!

  40. Hard to believe it's been so long. Lucy looks like she hasn't aged a day when I see her on Elementary. I saw you did a post on Tina Kim way back. She would have been perfect for the SNL cast I think.

    • Yeah, Lucy’s still quite the hammer at 45. Regarding Tina Kim; I haven’t seen much of her lately. Maybe she would have been a good candidate for SNL, but even if they were looking for an Asian member to add a little more diversity to their cast, it would take more than just being a funny stand-up comic to pass their tough auditions.

  41. The first time I ever saw a picture of Susan Kiger, was when I was a sophmore in High School. A friend of mine walked up to me in study hall, and showed me the March 1977,
    edition, which had Susan as the covergirl. (the first of 3) She was wearing a wetsuit, with
    the ocean in back of her, and lots of cleavage showing. I thought, WOW! She is beautiful!
    Susan is among the most beautiful blonde playmates Playboy magazine has ever had.
    In 1996, I got the Playboy Playmate Book, that profiled the playmates through the decades. When I looked up Susan Kiger, the last Playboy had heard from her, she was
    living in the San Diego area. It seems strange that Playboy could not track her down,
    and find what she is doing. She certainly was in the spotlight for awhile there with TV
    and movie parts. Susan, along with other playmates, like, Pamela Anderson, Donna
    D'errico, Jenny McCarthy, and Shannon Tweed, proved a Playmate can make it in the
    entertainment business, and keep their clothes on. Then, as mentioned, Susan, dropped
    of the radar. If Hugh Hefner does not know where she is, no one does.

    • As I stated in this article, Anon, my research has revealed to me where Susan is and what she’s doing these days, and I’d sure think that Mr. Hefner is also aware of that same info, but, for whatever reasons, Susan has chosen to remain out of the spotlight for all these years.

      In fact, I haven’t received a message from anyone stating they saw her at any type of promo event (Playboy or otherwise) since the late-70s. I could speculate that she had a falling out with Playboy, which is why she’s hasn’t appeared at any Playboy fan event in all these years, but unless and until she agrees to an interview, that will remain speculation.

  42. I got the Playboy Playmate book in 1996. It has pictures of the Playmates through the decades. When I got to Susan Kiger, the last they had heard from her, she was living
    in the San Diego area. One playmate who might know where Susan is, is Laura Lyons.
    (Miss February 1976) They appeared together in Playboy's Playmate House Party pictorial
    (December 1977), and Way Down West in Mexico. (February 1978) They both grew up
    in the Los Angeles area, and Laura Lyons still lives in the area. Laura sometimes comes
    to Glamourcon, as a participant. Laura along with Hef, are the only two, who might know.
    If they don't, no one does.

    • Anon, as I mentioned, some research has revealed where Susan is and what she’s currently doing, so it’s more a question of why she left show biz in the early 80s, when she had a promising career underway, and why she’s stayed away from the spotlight ever since. A Google search of her name will will yield this article at the top of the results (usually right after her Wikipedia and IMDb pages), so, unless she’s the type who stays off the Internet, she’s most likely seen this, as well as this article, and knows a word from her would be very welcome. I assume she just chooses not to respond for whatever her reasons are and I can respect that.

  43. I haven't done a rundown of this year's NFL cheerleader squads' rosters, Anon, but a click on the ladies' names above will give you the answers, which seem to be; no. Looks like all these ladies have moved on and aren't with the 2014 squads.

  44. Dedee Benrey was making appearances but since 2012 she has disappeared. Anyway to contact her?

    Who is the Black Girl Dancing? Amazing how no one knows who she is. Smh.

    Anyone have more info on Heidi Lynch? What she is doing today?

  45. Ok after further investigation, the First Photo at the Union square station (top). The woman to the far Right is NOT Doran Clark. Her name is Laura Delano.

    The Blonde Dancing is NOT Heidi Lynch. her name is Patty Brown.

    Doran clark is the women right above the gun where Dedee Benrey is shooting (last group photo).She is the one who approached Rembrandt right after the Lizzie club house Dance scene and says,hey little man what to dance?

    The Three names, Donna Ritchie, Jordan Cae Harrell, Heidi Lynch have not been identified.

  46. Susan was my older brother's first girlfriend in high school. Her brother was one of his best friends, and was also my sister's boyfriend. I had a crush on him for the longest time!
    Great looks ran in their family.

  47. Oh, regarding above, I'm not sure what happened to Suzy either. I'll ask my brother next time we talk. I was just looking her up to show my son his uncle's high school gf.

    • Thanks for commenting, Anon. Please do ask your brother! Sounds like you have some very fond memories of those times. If you or anyone you know, took any photos of Susan and would like to share them (publicly or privately), please feel free to contact me.

      As I previously mentioned, research has revealed to me where Susan is and what she’s doing these days, and almost anyone else can access the sources I did to get that same info on her. It just seems that Susan, for whatever her reasons are, wants to remain out of the spotlight.

  48. I remember seeing these girls here and there when I was stationed in the ROK from 2000-2001. I loved watchin em dance but I always wished I knew what they were saying.

  49. I dug through my stash of old biker mags and found her Easyriders issue. That mag never did give info on their models – at least not true info – so I'm sure glad I caught this too. Great site by the way!

  50. I wouldn't say she's THE hottest ever, but definitely in my top 5. After seeing SNL 40 last week it brought back some fond memories of SNL babes past like Christine Ebersole and Jan Hooks (RIP)

  51. It's so awesome that you give so many of these talented ladies like Tammie – who so often go unseen by the public – the spotlight they truly deserve!

  52. That NPR article led me to do a Google search of her. That led me to her website and that led me here! Looks like she gets hit even harder by cars these days. Awesome lady!

  53. LOL There's a 'queen bee' at the Hollywood Blvd Hooters, that's for sure. Actually there's more than one there but I'm not complaining. Good article.

  54. I worked at a Florida Hooters for about a year and got along with the others girls there well. Yes, there were a few 'divas' and the customers often got flirty with not too subtle innuendos but it wasn't as bad as working at a strip club. And of course, the tips there sure beat the ones you would get at Denny's. Some of the girls even had their own 'regulars' who would always sit at their stations and only come in on days they worked. It was a fun experience and I could have even moved up to a management position since I was majoring in business administration at the time but I decided to move on.

    • She sure would, Steve. I chatted with Chai yesterday and she told me she probably wouldn’t be able to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, as it’s coming up in July, but she has plans to make it next year. I also told her about Big Wow, in hopes she’ll visit the Bay Area for that sometime.

  55. I don't see any shame about working at Hooters. Maybe because of the culture in Japan, "Nomi" didn't want it to be a well known fact she worked there? But like you said, it's a public place so who does she think she's keeping a secret from? Especially with her face on that poster? LOL

  56. To those that mention the "sweet" factor and the "wonder why she disappeared?" contingent:

    Guys, understand something, if a woman truly was unassuming and "sweet" she wouldn't come off the way Susan Kiger has in all her pictorials/films – and here’s why: As men, we all break women down into 2 categories:

    1. pure lust
    2. sweet/innocent

    (news-flash – they do the same with guys; "take me you beast… then get out of here” or "marriage material”.)

    Susan Kiger has always come off as pure lust…she has never, ever in my mind come off as sweet or innocent.

    But-she's still a woman …and many women do all kinds of things when they're young they later come to regret it. Why? 99.9% of all women later want to have children. For some odd reason women don't project into the future they may raise a family – who will later know what they did. No matter how much B.S. you hear on tv (“Oh yeah – my kid knows and he’s fine with it” etc.) people are human. They’re get freaked by this.

    “Well so-what? it's just playboy…that's largely accepted as tasteful by everyone – it's not porn." But…

    She did do porn – as has largely been reported on this site, wikipedia and everywhere online. Which, bolsters my debunking of this "sweet, innocent, unassuming Ms. Kiger" myth: The day you get in front of a camera and start blowing some hairy dude, hard-core, is the day "sweet and innocent" are never to be attributed to you again – first and foremost in your own pretty-little mind.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I used to reserve this opinion as “old school” thought maybe younger generations simply dont' have the hang-ups about porn/sweet-innocent being mutually exclusive. Turns out it's b.s. – have heard numerous stories about young guys (in some cases literally about to get married to their "sweet, innocent" fiancés) who were given 11th-hour warnings about the woman they were about to marry with a simple URL and "stage name". These young men went thru the same horror and withdrawal most of us old-guys can imagine.

    This isn't cultural or generational – it's human nature – right down to our core, lizard brain… and everyone, sooner or later, understands it … particularly the women that chose the knee-drop not imagining a family in their future.

    Last … this isn’t condemnation … to me Kiger is PERFECT in the lust role I’ve been fantasizing about for decades …she doesn’t fit “sweet and innocent” and I’m happy about that …many women are proud of not being that … my point here is two-fold: 1. this is speculation as to why she may be silent and 2. lust and sweetness should never occupy the same public space (keyword PUBLIC.) Every guy wants his girlfriend to project sweet innocent and proper to the world – but then act like a whore in bed … but NO MAN wants to know she was a whore with other men.

    Just my 2 cents … now back to my lust-filled thoughts about Kiger in that chair, doing that teeth-gritting clench, as she stairs into the camera.

  57. I've been in the Downtown Phoenix Hooters and have seen the girl in the first photo working there. I use the term "working" loosely, but I ain't complaining either. I don't think anyone that eats at Hooters ever complains about the service.

  58. Remembering the times we went to San Jacinto hiking and enjoying life with the 'gang' great memories. Sun beams from the blue sky dancing off the trees making rainbows in our minds.

    • Belated reply to your post, Anon, and even though this is a long shot; it sounds like you were (and possible still are) personal friends with Susan. If so, and you have any photos of her from back then, how about sharing them here? You can send the scans to me at chris@idolfeatures.com and I’ll post them here for fans of Susan to appreciate.

    • Thanks and I’m not intending for these to be a regular feature, Steve. I just go through my sent box and, when I see an e-mail that hasn’t been replied to after a reasonable amount of time, I published the interview questions without the answers. With all the ladies who choose to do interviews through e-mail, there will be those few who don’t reply and, even though the questions may go unanswered, there’s no way they will go unseen. That’s the policy here.

    • Thanks, Anon. Not all of the “elite” non-responding ladies think so, but they should. After all, it was their no following through that made these Incomplete Interviews seemingly so amusing to others.

  59. I remember seeing them in Playboy! I had a subscription back then and I would always look forward to the Holiday Issue. Thanks for this trip down Memory – or should I say 'Mammary' – Lane!

  60. I still have this issue in my collection. It was the Farrah Fawcett "Gala Christmas Issue" The cheerleaders article had some real babes from other teams too. Like Julie Jourdan, an Embraceable Ewe for the Rams when they were still in LA. She must be 60 now because I found this 1980 article on her that was written when she was 25.


  61. I like everything from Cole Porter to Carole King. I try to be as diverse as possible. I like punk music but I like a lot of Carole King-like songwriters. I like Gram Parsons. Really i enjoy this blog and some of topic increasing in my knowledge.

  62. Debbie Does Dallas was a classic! I'm not surprised the DCC sued the makers of it. You should do a "whatever happened to" article on Bambi Woods. Who knows? She may read it and respond!

  63. I saw this but had no idea Christine Nguyen was in it until I read this. Too bad she didn't have a bigger role because I think she still looks young enough to have played a sorority girl.

  64. I had an enormous crush on Susan when she appeared in Playboy, as many others did, I'm sure. To my amazement, she came to Cleveland on the promotional tour for HOTS. I was a mere 20, naive and in awe. I came to the theater, and before she met with fans, they screened HOTS. Then she signed publicity photos for a long line of admirers in the lobby. When my turn came, she asked me what I thought of the movie, and I flubbed my answer. I tried to think of something intelligent to say, like a movie critic would, when I should have just told her the truth, that she was the best and only good part of it. I was so starstruck, I got in line again for a second chance to talk with her, making up the dumb excuse that I wanted a second picture for my brother. She politely obliged, but I felt really stupid. Then a fat guy with a camera asked to have his picture taken with her, and she agreed, posing with him, his arm tight around her waist while I and other envious guys watched. How I wished I had thought to bring a camera with me. I knew the local promoter in charge of the event, Morrie, and he shared with me the name of the motel she was staying at in town, so later, I summoned up my courage and actually called and asked for her room. She answered! I nervously identified myself, as if she could remember me from the crowd of leering guys earlier, and asked if I could show her the sights while she was in town. I can't believe how idiotic this attempt was. She of course declined flatly, and that was that. She was totally out of my league, so I don't know what I was thinking, but at least I tried. Susan, if you ever read this, I'm sure you won't remember any of it, but I hope you get a mild chuckle out of it after all these years. You are awesome.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Chris. Yes, too bad you didn’t bring a camera to that event, but you say you did get two signed photos from her. If you still have them, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, please scan one and e-mail it to me at chris@idolfeatures.com. I’ll post it here for all Susan Kiger fans to appreciate.

  65. Porn Dead: a Whatever Happened to Bambi Woods? Is available on Amazon Kindle. It is a true life investigative story that uncovers her true identity and current whereabouts. A recent photo is even provided towards the end. For those of you interested in the real truth behind this 25 year old mystery this story does not disappoint.


    Charlie Imus

  66. Great article and judging by the comments, I'm not the only one who's wondered whatever became of Miss January 1977. All of the other stuff I found on the 'net has just been from her old Playboy shoots and the movies she did back in the 70's. Nothing since then. But I guess you already know that. I hope you can get an interview with her if Susan ever does come out of 'hiding.' She was a favorite of many Playboy readers of my generation.

  67. I love Debra Lamb! First saw her back in the early 90s with Shannon Wilsey (aka porn star Savannah) in Invisible Maniac. That was on VHS from Hollywood Video. Ah memories!

  68. Hi Chris, I don’t speak for Mistress Siren Thorn and have no idea about the circumstances that resulted in you not interviewing her. Having said that, I can speak from personal experience that she is a smart, beautiful, busy woman that currently dedicates her professional endeavours to being the most wonderful Dominatrix I have had the pleasure of surrendering to. Perhaps you’ve reached out to her again when you posted this disgruntled piece and got no reply? If not, check her out here http://sirenthorn.com/ and drop her a line if you like. Mister Tycheros.

    • Hi Mr. Tycheros. I’m not doubting Siren is all what you say she is and this isn’t a “disgruntled” piece. As I stated in this article, she agreed to an e-mail interview with me, didn’t follow through, and when that occurs, I just publish my questions without replies because I don’t let my time and efforts become a total waste. I won’t reach out to Siren again because I’ve already been down that road and I see no reason to go down it again. However, and even though I think it’s highly unlikely, if she’d like to contact me about “filling in the blanks,” which would actually be starting over with a new interview with revised questions as these were sent to her several years ago, I’d certainly welcome that. Thanks for your comment.

  69. Susan Kiger was one of Hefner's best looking girls not just then but of all time. In 1977 Australia then didnt have its own Playboy or Penthouse editions and American ones were always in the newsagents, of which I at age 15 bought my own. (The Australian Playboy edition was published from 1979 to 2000 with mostly local models and early copies are worth some money now – refer Ebay). They even print a special verison of US Playboy for Aust. now with local ads in it as its the only edition available here since 2000 – its usually bought now for upmarket homes to put on coffee tables with Vogue etc..

    I don't know how much exposure Susan got at a model or actress etc after 1977 in US but it seems a pity she didnt do bigger things. But as you know the Reagan era people tried to shut down the mens magazine industry and that would have made life difficult for all of the girls from her period in the 1980s.

    I hope she's been looked after over the years as she deserved to be as one of the national treasures of the USA.

  70. As I added above, shortly after this interview, Madison had two of her short films; Snake Eyes and Rampage, selected to show at the Cannes Film Festival. This year, there will be four films at Cannes in which Madison's either produced, directed, or done wardrobe, hair, and makeup on.

    Also since this interview, Madison's interned at the Walt Disney Company at its San Francisco local, and she's just finished voice acting for a Nintendo Wii video game that will be released this year. We at Idol Features wish her continued success!

  71. I remember this episode of Cosby but did not make the connection! I would love to know what happened to Suzee and that's what brought me here.

  72. Met Susan in 1975 when I was a bellboy at the Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara. The sweetest, funniest, sexiest, woman ever. We had a fun week together. Lee Maxwell

  73. @Chris Charles – This is in response to my 2014 post. I said before the Top picture far Right is Laura Delano (Not Doran clark). How do I know this? I wrote to Laura Delano and she confirmed it by sending me a picture.

    I was wrong on the Blonde Dancer. It took me a long time to find this out only because many of the ladies have changed their names over the years. The Blonde is Donna Ritchie. She no longer goes by Donna Ritchie. I spoke to her briefly through facebook but she was shocked that I found her and asked me not to reveal her name or her where about, so I have to respect her wishes. Sorry cant link you.

    Last picture; I was right about Doran Clark right above the gun. She is the one who approached Rembrandt right after the Lizzie club house Dance scene and says,hey little man what to dance? I don’t have links but I have matched many pictures that confirm that is her. I have a letter from Doran Clark but when I tried to reach out to her the 2nd time she never responded.

    I’m friends and in contact with Wanda Velez. The Warriors Fest 2 will be this September 15-18 2016. Wanda Velez and Lisa Maurer will be in attending.

    I did contact Kate Klugman and Lisa Maurer but again I can not give out info. The info is online I personally cant disclose the information.

    Apache Ramos (Orphan) is like family to me. So I am well connected in the Warriors family.

  74. I always thought she was the sexiest Playmate of 1977 and one of the top 10 of the whole decade. I guess they chose Debra Jo Fondren over Susan for 1978 PMOY because of the hair.

    • Thanks for your comment, Cho.

      I heard from a lady who worked with Miss Ryu during her ero film career, that Miss Ryu is now married with at least one child and no longer modeling.

      I do have other photos of Miss Ryu. Send me an e-mail and I can send you some photos for your blog.

      조, 코멘트 주셔서 감사합니다.

      나는 류우가 지금 결혼했다는 것을 이해합니다. 그녀는 더 이상 모델이 아닙니다.

      미스 류의 사진이 더 있습니다. 이메일을 보내주세요. 나는 더 사진을 보낼 것이다. chris@idolfeatures.com

  75. The girls these days in the now Legends football league, hit a lot harder than when it was the lingerie football league with your bikini model types.

  76. I was married to Susan in the mid nineties for about a year. She will not associate with playboy and has her reasons for dropping out of the public eye. Please respect her privacy.

    • I view such comments with skepticism too, but my research has revealed that Susan was married to a Kevin J. O’Brien at one point and the e-mail and ISP addresses show that the above comment could very well be from that Kevin J. O’Brien.

      So Kevin, I’m sure Susan does have her reasons to have dropped out of the public eye and disassociated herself with Playboy. If you’d care to elaborate, further comments from you would be most welcomed.

  77. I went to the gangman Hooters in Seoul in 2014. The girls’ English was pretty good, and their smiles and service was better there than at any Hooters I’d been to in the States.

  78. You should do a posts on LFL wardrobe malfunctions because it’s full of them. Ever since Chicago Bliss QB Ellie Cartabiano got her butt bared during a game against Miami some years ago.

    Ellie Cartabiano pantsed

  79. Hi there, you’ve done a fantastic job interviewing Jessica. I will definitely Digg it and recommend to my friends. I am confident they will enjoy this site.

  80. Lamia…please understand that some guys are IDIOTS…beside watching
    scary flix on saturday night (and you) NOW, you attractive vamp…here is a suggestion from one such idjit…Lose the directors chair for a high-back swivel chair (turning back and forth for ‘us’ mesmerized idiots…and show us some of your ‘good side’ (I figure it can’t hurt ratings either)..Anyway you are obviously the hottest horror host to come along in a long time…I saved that ‘French flik’ boarding house killer ‘son of a head mistress’ Classic !! See you saturday babe !

    • Thank you for watching, Ken! Glad you’re enjoying the show. 🙂 I always appreciate suggestions and feedback, but I’ll stick with the director’s chair simply because it fits with talking more about the films. The House That Screamed was definitely a favorite of many, so I’m glad you liked it too. See you Saturday.

    • I don’t know about the Mafia, but I saw at Naked News’ website, she’s not listed with the rest of the former anchors and there doesn’t seem to be any photos of her, which leads me to believe she didn’t part company with NN on amicable terms. I asked a source at NN about why Isabella left and that person said they couldn’t comment on it.

  81. I really enjoy the films you’ve shown. I wonder where you obtain your films from. Is there any chance you’ll show more European old horror movies? A couple of things: one, your intro to these movies is pretty lengthy. You might want to break it up in 2 or 3 segments. Two, please show us some of your favorites like “Detour.” Three, Lilith was also the name of Herman Munster’s wife in the tv sitcom by the same name. I think you are awesome and beautiful and I hope you get paid well for doing this cause you deserve it. Big love.

  82. “Stella Chu combines cosplay and burlesque, dubbing herself “The Anime Princess of Burlesque.” This totally makes sense. Both cosplay and burlesque are about fantasy. What child of the ’90s wouldn’t be aroused by the three-breasted prostitute from Total Recall seductively dancing on stage? You don’t have to admit it out loud, but you know it’s true.”
    Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/girls/1059932-10-surprising-facts-about-the-world-s-hottest-cosplayers#iutQ4mhmtR9zt5AY.99

  83. Wow. I actually haven’t seen anything like this before.
    Do you know how many publications have interviews hanging in the ether? All of them yet only on this one have I ever seen something this petty.

    I get it, you do your research (as you like to remind us in every “incomplete interview”) and someone doesn’t reply, so you’ve had some time wasted. That happens to plenty of interviewers who still manage to retain their decorum. It just looks unprofessional.

    When you have a long list of unfinished interviews talking about how girls have missed out by not answering you, something that can be attributed to life getting in the way or perhaps realising they didn’t want to be published here, it just smells a bit desperate. I’m not even trying to have a go here, I think it would be beneficial to your publication to keep your personal stuff and the every detail of the non interview separate. It doesn’t look good. When you are posting things like this, it makes it look like, perhaps there is a reason your non reply list is so long.

    • Sahala, you’re way off the mark, but at least you can put a sentence together. By the way, the “non reply” list is not “so long.” If you check the list of all the interviews at this site, you’ll see that the “non repliers” only account for a very small percentage. That’s because the vast majority of ladies we contact for interviews have integrity. Meaning, when they agree to do something, they do it. Simple. Anyway, appreciate your comments.

  84. With the exception of the above, comments siding on both sides of this issue (not that this should even BE an issue) have been deleted. Comments are not enabled here to open up Youtube-type mudslinging threads.

    Comments aimed to defend or score points with someone who doesn’t possess what it takes to be true to her own word, and doesn’t even realize that is not a good trait, are of no more value here than that person’s word. Likewise, this site won’t tolerate the subject of any article (yes, even one of these) to be the target of bashing. Take all that crap elsewhere.

    The Incomplete Interview pieces here are intended to provide a humorous format for us to publish our unanswered questions so they at least don’t go unseen and our research time spent to come up with them doesn’t become a total waste. Period. If the “subject” of an Incomplete Interview or her small circle of friends feels like she was was targeted to be “castigated” or “publicly shamed,” it’s in their own minds. Our Incomplete Interview File™ is humor, people! Get a sense of it and move on! If any of you would like to learn how one of these should be taken, read Devanny Pinn’s response to her Incomplete Interview. She got it and we hold her in high regard and maintain a great deal of respect for her.

    Our fans will always greatly outnumber the insignificant few who make up the disgruntled minority who can’t keep their words or take a joke, and you know what they say about those who can’t take a joke. Idol Features always has had and will continue to get quality interviews with noteworthy ladies and we will always keep growin’, rockin’ and rollin’.

    • These are the two ladies who appear in the commercial. Although they don’t look identical, I wouldn’t say the look “vastly” different, except for maybe their heights. Standing next to each other, you can see they do look similar. Seeing them separately, they could easily be mistaken as being the same actress.

  85. I recently saw an image floating the web that is truly captivating. Not much aware of the world I can’t find the name of the model. If you could help with the name of this James’s girl, I would be much obliged

    • The picture of the blonde maid taking an espresso break is Anya, a Ukranian girl who came to the USA in an aupair program. She flew to my studio and I shot her only one time..hoping to launch her career as a model. Last I heard, she is married with a little girl. As far as I know, I was the only photographer to shoot her.

  86. Not sure it will help, but an image from her 1974 centerfold was used as a topsheet graphic for the Burton Love 152 snowboard. Its popularity has inspired a fan club in Stowe, Vermont. We are very interested to contact her. If you find contact info will you please pass it along? Many thanks.

    Sandy Johnson Glass

  87. I was doing an image search for Claudine and couldn’t figure out why the first image was not loading. Then I realized it was one of the gray images from this post. I don’t suppose you have the video of Claudine and I don’t suppose you would consider posting it anyway?

    • Got it, but no. For whatever her reasons, Claudia didn’t follow through on her opportunity to promote herself here, so I won’t promote her here either, but I’ll gladly let that photo you posted stand. That video may still be available online. Claudia is, so you could try contacting her about it.

  88. I did think they were the same actors, but not after seeing their photos. The main reason I inquired about the commercial was because I thought they were doing an unnecessary exaggerated job of acting like “hip” African-American young women.

  89. I LOVE the other commercial with the two actresses “more money more money…” It’s delightful. Is a great message for Discover and it’s happy too! Both did a great job!

  90. I did think they were the same girl because first of all, I have never paid very close attention to the commercial and because there WAS a series of commercials where someone was on the phone with themselves and I assumed this was one of those. They are both just cute as a button and I see them going far.

  91. I assumed they were they same actress because that’s what Discover has done in the other ads in this series, but thought it odd they didn’t quite look alike. I figured it was different makeup, clothes and lighting.

    So now I’m wondering why they went to using people who just look similar instead of the same person. I suspect it was to get people thinking about the commercial and wondering why they seem different. Seems to have worked.

  92. A few post saying there was a series of commercials with people on the phone talking to themselves so they thought this was the same. But that’s the point, those were also Discover commercials using people who looks similar but none of them were the same people(1 set were twins). I’m just curious as to what’s the point of doing that

  93. One of my faves from back in the day. Kristara was almost certainly born in 1963, not 1965. There are some relatively recent pics of her on Vintage Erotica website. She seems like she survived her porn career quite nicely.