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Exclusive interview with Women of Wrestling's Sasha Sparks

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Jacey Love is one tough cookie.

She’s known as Sasha Sparks on WOW – Women of Wrestling. This WOW superhero is a member of Team Spirit and sports her team’s patriotic colors inside the squared circle. Spectators may catch her ringside roaming around with red and silver pom-poms and seconds later throwing hands with her opponent.

Love made her WOW debut in February 2024. Right out of the gate she started a tag team match where she rumbled with the trash-talking lyricist in WOW superhero BK Rhythm. That particular rivalry matchup between The Brat Pack and The New New Team Spirit didn’t end favorably for Love’s team, however, she personally displayed she was a force to be reckoned with in a rivalry matchup.

Love capitalized on an opportunity that may bring her one step closer to her ultimate goal. Eventually, she hopes to become a full-time wrestler.

Via e-mail, this author conducted a Q&A with the fiery athlete herself.

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GINO TERRELL: I saw that you are a former all-star cheerleader. Can you explain what it took to achieve that status? Also, when it comes to cheerleading and wrestling, are there transferable skills?
JACEY LOVE: I did all star cheer for about 6 years. When it comes to wrestling I was able to use a lot of things I got from cheer such as my listening/teamwork, flexibility, and tumbling skills.
GT: How did you get into wrestling from cheerleading?
JL: I planned on being a wrestler since I was 7. I started at 16 and did both simultaneously.
GT: Before becoming a wrestler yourself, were you a fan at some point?
JL: I absolutely was a fan. My dad was also a wrestler so growing up it was always on.
GT: Did you have favorite wrestlers that you looked up to?
JL: Some of my favorites are Sasha Banks, Edge, and Rey Mysterio.
GT: I read that you were trained at The Wrestling Lab under the tutelage of Big Don, Jay Lethal, and David Mercury? First off, can you explain what The Wrestling Lab is?
JL: The wrestling lab is where I trained to be a wrestler, I’ve been fortunate to learn under a lot of great wrestlers. Currently, I am training at the lab and dark arts with coach Malakai Black and coach Zelina Vega.

Malakai Black and Zelina Vega are married wrestlers. As a member of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster, Black is a former AEW World Champion. Queen Zelina is a WWE superstar who won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Carmella in 2021.

GT: Was there anything you learned about yourself while training to become a wrestler?
JL: I learned a lot. A lot of life lessons and lessons on how to be the best athlete I can be. And I’m still eager to learn more.
GT: How have your wrestling stops at POW! Pro Wrestling, AEW Dark and in NWA prepared you for WOW?
JL: I’m very fortunate to have worked with such major companies. It was a dream come true especially being able to work beside people I looked up to growing up and be given advice that I take with me in every match.

GT: How did your WOW name, Sasha Sparks, come about?
JL: I’m honestly not sure. I was just given that name, funny how life works out. I used to be the biggest Sasha Banks fan in school. It’s almost like a homage to her, without anyone really realizing.
GT: I know you’re early into your WOW career, but I was curious if you’ve met your brand’s legendary co-owner and co-founder Jeanie Buss yet.
JL: I’ve passed by her but I have not gotten the chance to introduce myself unfortunately. She’s a busy lady.

Jeanie Buss is also the CEO and Governor of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers franchise.

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GT: Can you describe how you felt the moment you walked into the ring once you were introduced as a member of Team Spirit when you made your debut in a bout against The Brat Pack? From the start of the fight, it seemed you were in attack mode and kicked heinie. Were you even the least bit nervous when you were called to start the competition?
JL: I always get nervous! But they’re good nerves, excitement, passion, and adrenaline all mixed into one. Going out there is always another time to showcase what I can do and I take it very seriously.
GT: You’re 21 and have already taken huge strides as a wrestler. I would like to know where you envision yourself in five to seven years.
JL: My plan is to be in WWE. That’s been my goal forever. I would love to have wrestling as a full-time job and wherever God thinks I am best fit is where I’ll be!
GT: When you step into that ring how do you manage your emotions to stay locked in?
JL: Usually things are pretty fast paced. I like to be able to listen to music but hardly get the chance.
GT: Last but not least, give me three words that describe you as a fighter.
JL: Strong, quick, fun.

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