Maryam Moshiri’s Final Countdown?

Long time BBC News presenter may not live this one down

Longtime BBC news presenter Maryam Moshiri recently made Internet infamy thanks to her ill-timed display of a digit that wasn’t intended to be seen by the masses. Since Maryam has had a pretty good track record with the BBC thus far, it seems unlikely that this slip-up will cost her her job, but she can now join the ranks, and memes, of the likes of then-rookie news anchor A.J. Clemente, whose verbal gaff over 10 years ago cost him an enviable position alongside news babe Van Tieu, who had to apologize for him.

Ms. Moshiri addressed the incident on Twitter X by stating:

Maryam Moshiri's Tweet

Maryam Moshiri
The newest meme image: Ms. Moshiri’s one-finger salute right after she went live before millions of viewers will probably be enough for her to never wear that blue blouse again. Maybe even scrap the necklace too. Feel free to share.

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