Merlynda Sol as the Smiling Woman

Horror short that leaves you wondering if you missed something

The 2019 horror short Smiling Woman is one of those short films that made me say after I had watched it; “Huh? That’s it? Did I miss something I was supposed to understand about the smiling woman?”

I don’t think I missed anything. I believe the who and why about the smiling woman is up to the viewer’s interpretation. It’s not a surprise ending. What happens I pretty much expected to happen. So, while I wouldn’t give Smiling Woman very high marks as a horror short, and this short was the first of what has become a “Smiling Woman” horror short series, I would make note of the actress in the title role; Merlynda Sol.

Merlynda has quite an interesting bio. According to that bio at IMDb:

In the mid 1990s Merlynda moved to Pine Plains, NY with her mother. At this time, Debora formed her own variety magic, comedy, and music show and created her stage name of Abracadebora. Merlynda at the age of 7, was Abcracdebora’s assistant and had the stage name Sweetie Pie. They were represented by Hollywood Pop Gallery and performed at hundreds of corporate, celebrity, and private parties.

Also a horror and sci-fi fan, Merlynda has a featured role in the 2022 horror Becoming Death. You can see more of her on TikTok, Facebook, and her Youtube channel.

The actress who plays the traveler, Ariel Fullinwider, is definitely not to be glossed over, as she has also building up a respectable list of film credits.

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