Adair Sheppard in The Car and Start Again

Remarkable actress in unremarkable horror shorts

The pair of recent horror shorts by filmmaker Andy Nedelkovski are hardly remarkable. The Car leaves you with many unanswered questions, like; “so how long has she owned this car and has it ever shown any carnivorous tendencies before, or was that a first?” Start Again may leave most viewers stating what one Youtube commentor simply put: “Don’t get it,” to which Andy replied; “Definitely not for everyone, thanks for watching anyway!” Fair enough.

As for the actress appearing in these two shorts, Adair Sheppard, she has a very impressive resume, that is impressive for her work behind the camera, rather than in front. even though she does hand in a fine acting job in both of these shorts, first and foremost, she’s an audio technician. Also of interest is that before she got into that field she works as a “barista for eight years, a boat delivery driver, and an ESL teacher amongst a bunch of other stuff.” She also says she makes GREAT coffee and I see no reason to doubt that. Check out her official website for more.

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