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Former actress and Playboy's Miss January 1977 makes a rare fan event appearance at this weekend's Burbank Hollywood Show

Susan Lynn Kiger was one of the most popular Playboy Playmates of the late-1970s. After her January 1977 centerfold issue hit the newsstands in late-1976, Susan went on to an acting career that included such B-classics as H.O.T.S., Seven, and The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, as well as appearing on some popular TV shows of that era. However, Susan seemingly ended her acting career after her starring role in the 1982-released slasher film, Death Screams and also seemingly stopped appearing at fan events. Her long absence from the spotlight had many fans wondering whatever happened to Miss January 1977. In fact, Susan was the subject of a “Whatever Happened to..?” article here back in December of 2009.

That article has generated a lot of interest since it was published over 13 years ago. Besides fans, people stating they had known, met, or even had relationships with Susan responded. Some were taken with a grain of salt, some were credible. Among the credible ones, was a contribution from my friend Tony M., who sent in photos he took of Susan when he met her at the 1978 Sacramento Autorama car show. Tony’s contribution led to a follow-up article in January 2014.

Fast forward to 2023. A fan and follower of Idol Features sent in news that Susan, along with several other former Playboy Playmates (billed as the “Rogue Bunnies”) would be appearing at the Hollywood Show at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel on February 3rd and 4th. Our man Tony was in attendance and briefly reunited with Susan after more than 43 years. As I assumed correctly, Susan, who didn’t give any reason for her (seemingly) abrupt and premature departure from showbiz over 40 years ago, informed Tony that she’s been well all these years, living a quiet life in Southern California.

Once again, a big thanks to Tony M. for the above videos with Susan giving a brief greeting to fans and yours truly at her appearance this this weekend at the Hollywood Show in Burbank.

Susan Kiger
Not one to go on the net much, Susan said she had never seen either of the previous
articles on her here at Idol Features, but, as this photo proves, she has now!



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