Vanessa Bayer in “Josie”

A look back at another of Miss Bayer's show-stealing SNL skits

One of the all-time most viewed articles at this site is the Saturday Night Live sketch “Divorce Meeting,” which features one of SNL’s greatest all-time hammers, Vanessa Bayer, grooving to “I Don’t Want to Know” by Fleetwood Mac.

Recalling another sketch that featured Miss Bayer and a track to a popular song from yesteryear, recently and for no particular reason, I decided SNL fans and fans of Miss Bayer would also appreciate this one.

“Josie” was featured on the November 23, 2013 SNL episode that aired just two weeks before the episode that featured “Divorce Meeting.” “Josie” was the subject of the Outfield’s biggest hit song, “Your Love” off of their 1985 album, Play Deep. According to Outfield guitarist John Spinks, who wrote the song, “Josie” is fictional, as is the song’s story. However in this sketch, Vanessa plays Veronica, a high school senior, who’s a friend of Josie. She pays a visit to her house and is greeted by her younger brother Devin (played by the episode’s host Josh Hutcherson), who proceeds to profess his love for Veronica through song, stating he likes his girls a little bit older.

SNL arguably had one of the best female lineups in its history this season. Besides Bayer, here we see Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Noël Wells, Nasim Pedrad, and Aidy Bryant. In addition, at the end of this sketch, when all the girls gather in front of Josie’s house for the finale, joining in are the episode’s musical guests, Haim (sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana).



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