Katharina Boger talks music video, “Breaking Rules”

Katharina Boger (photo: Werner Philipps)

Perhaps it’s time for you to start breaking rules in your life.

Singer Katharina Boger is fresh off releasing a music video to her track “Breaking Rules.” The Kazakhstan born and Germany-raised singer shared that her song is not about being rebellious. Rather, the message is to help people get out of their “comfort zone” to reach new heights.

“We all impose [our] own rules and at the end we are mad that we’ve never changed. But we have to change old habits by following new directions to develop ourself,” Katharina said in an email interview. “How can we know what’s best for ourselves when we never try to break our own rules?”

The chorus of the song goes as follows: “I’m break-ing rules tonight./ I’m going to break, break, break my rules tonight./Rules are made for breaking right?/I’m going to break, break, break my rules tonight.”

Applying the song’s message to her life has helped, Katharina revealed. After all, she advanced her music career by going to London, from Germany, to professionally work on her music production. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles. That’s where she connected with a music producer. Through these transitions she experienced firsthand how she had to change things up to get to the next stage in her life.

“Sometimes we have too many rules for ourselves. When is the right time to wake up, who should we be surrounded by, or even who we date? … but we‘ll never know what’s best if we never try something different,” Katharina said. “I’ve [gone] over to a new country/city (Los Angeles) not knowing what will happen to me, and, at the end, I’ve worked on this beautiful song and I’m proud and happy that I haven’t been afraid to go for it.”

Artwork for “Breaking Rules” performed by Katharina Boger.

Working with Nicholas “Nick James” Turpin

While she has been in Los Angeles, the “Want Me Back” songstress has been working with music producer and singer Nicholas J. Turpin. Turpin, a.k.a. Nick James, has a resume that includes working with Justin Bieber on the “Under the Mistletoe” album. Turpin was the arranger, composer, engineer, producer, and contributed some background vocals on the certified double platinum album. From the sound of Katharina’s latest project, it appears she and Turpin form a formidable team.

“Nick is a super talented producer, a great songwriter and open [to] trying new things. That’s very important to me ‘cause I always come up with new ideas. I love to experiment,” the vocalist said.

Katharina experiments by attempting to combine elements across different genres of music into a single track. Those genres include her favorites such as pop, modern trap, and rock ’roll. This process is how “Breaking Rules” was created.

“Together we can be super creative,” Katharina said of Turpin. Nick “pushes hard and that is the best ‘cause I learn faster under pressure. I love learning and seeing how I grow; so this creative process is the best to break my own rules and limits.”

Breaking Rules Tour

Behind-the-scenes footage for the “Breaking Rules” music video surfaced in spring 2022. The video was shot in Berlin, Germany, and includes many metaphors that coincide with the song’s message. This bit of footage isn’t the last iteration that Katharina will have featuring her song’s motto. There is a scheduled tour throughout Germany in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Wien, Offenbach, and possibly more locations. The “Breaking Rules Tour with Elmar Rassi” is where she’ll team up with the popular social media influencer.

“It will be about inspiration, motivation, music, entertainment and all the things we were longing for, during the epidemic time,” she said. “We will leave a deep impression on your mindset. It’s an all-in-one entertainment show – music meets illusion and deep content. So be excited and become our guests.”

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