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Resurrected 2012 interview with the Thai tattooed alternative model

(Editor’s Note: This interview with alternative model Amy Dynamite was conducted back in May 2012 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Tom.)

Amy DynamiteAmy Dynamite is an alternative tattoo and fetish model born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She has worked with national and international photographers and is available for promotion for products and brand endorsements. She works in a large variety of styles including fetish, alternative modelling, tattoo glamour, high heels, uniforms, cats, handcuffs, cosplay, PVC, latex, rubber, and others.






Amy DynamiteEYESTRANE: Amy, it is a pleasure to meet you. How long have you been modeling?
AMY DYNAMITE: It’s pleasure to meet you too. I have modeling for three years already.
EYESTRANE: I did a profile of another Thai model on this site (Eyestrane), Xanny Disjad. Are you familiar with her?
AMY DYNAMITE: Yep, I met her couple times and did work with her once.
EYESTRANE: What do you enjoy about modeling?
AMY DYNAMITE: When I work I will turn myself into another person. I mean another mode of Amy, very serious and focused, it’s actually really hard work to get myself into character and keep that way throughout long shooting days, but it’s a passion, and I’m willing to sacrifice for my art, I love it somehow! I love to see nice pictures of myself exposing these various “shades” of my personality, especially in the ones where I look hot! Also it’s a great way to travel around and meet photographers, people and places. Like most girls I love to have fun with make up and costumes, try out different styles and themes for shooting!
EYESTRANE: Out of all the types of modeling you do what do you prefer?
AMY DYNAMITE: I’m super happy with the style of modelling I have done up until now; artistic nude, alternative, fashion, cosplay, tattoo glamour girl ….but really I love the shoots where I can work with photographers who have passion, and great imagination, shooting themes which are a bit experimental, but not too crazy… I like high fashion but I also like grunge and alternative, I think that’s something that I do very well. The kind of image I like to call “tattoo glamour fetish”!
Amy DynamiteEYESTRANE: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
AMY DYNAMITE: My modeling is going well and people getting to know me more than before. They can recognize me when I am outside in the mall or even on the street, appearing in Inked magazine was a really great boost as I have super respect for the tattoo community and the magazine and staff, I also have some shots coming up in another tattoo magazine sometime in June, it’s going to be a big article, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I’m happy to be going international and representing Thailand alternative glamour!
EYESTRANE: Are there any photo shoots that you found very difficult or interesting stories you can tell us?
AMY DYNAMITE: That would be my most recent one! I did shoot in an S&M club in Pattaya, Thailand named “The Castle.” I’ve never been to that kinda place before! So of course I was very interested and excited to hear about and see what kind of things happen inside a club like that! Also it was great to try out a shoot based on these things; ropes, whips, chains, candles and all that kinky stuff. I hope to do more of this!
EYESTRANE: Can you tell us about your tattoos? How many do you have and do any of them have a special meaning to you?
Amy DynamiteAMY DYNAMITE: Most of my tattoos are about myself. For now I don’t know how to count on them, at one point I had separate tattoos, but now they are all forming into one, Like on my sleeve I have at least six different tattoos, but now they are merging (laughs). I have four cats tattooed because I’m a cat mama! (laughs) I’m always keeping stray cats from the streets. Who can leave those poor little kitties out there?
EYESTRANE: In parts of Asia, tattoos in general, are frowned on. How are they looked at in Thailand and is it strange for a woman to have so many?
AMY DYNAMITE: In Thailand it is getting better about this but I still look weird for them (Thai people) anyways ’cause there are not so many girls with a lot of tattoos like me and Thailand is an old fashion country. So ….yea, as you know in other countries, quite difficult.
EYESTRANE: What advice would you have for someone who wanted to start a modeling career in Thailand?
AMY DYNAMITE: Well, You need to be yourself and has confidence!
EYESTRANE: Do you have an interesting projects coming up you can tell us about?
AMY DYNAMITE: I’m about to have a new website of mine which is on progress. “” coming soon!!!
EYESTRANE: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
AMY DYNAMITE: I love to be with my cats, I love cooking as well, I’m also importing and selling makeup products, writing a make up and fashion blog on which I am going to make some product tutorials and makeup reviews and of course I love to hangout with my friends!
EYESTRANE: Where can people go to keep updated on you and your projects?
AMY DYNAMITE: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Model Mayhem, my Official Website., and on Twitter. THANK YOU!

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