Friday the 13th Victim, Fox

Even though she wasn’t a camp counselor, but part of a trio who were tormenting the camp counselors in 1982’s Friday the 13th Part III, “Fox” (played by Gloria Charles) was on Jason’s kill radar, just the same. Good guys, bad guys ….it didn’t matter to Jason. He was an equal opportunity slayer. Fox’s killing was off-camera, but here she is still hanging out after Jason was finished with his handiwork on her.

As far as Ms. Charles, she continued to appear in several prominent TV shows and a few films throughout the 1980s. After 1988, he appearances on the big and small screens were fewer and further between. Gloria passed away late in 2016 from an illness that was not publicly disclosed.




    • Yeah, I remember first seeing Part III in a drive-in and after it showed Fox hanging there after she’d been skewered by Jason, I heard a girl in the next car cheer; “Yeah! Got what she deserved!”

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